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Gingered Bread - Comments


Name: Holly Sarginson 19th December 2009
We made this at school.(ours looked a lot diffrent )
Its really easy to make and fun too
We havent ate it but it looked good
The look of the final dish often depends on the size of the breadcrumbs you make, if they are very fine the texture is fudgy, if coarse the dish will be more like a flapjack. The Cookit Team.
Name: Abigail 23rd January 2012
Name: Kitty-rose.symes 26th March 2012
This Ginger bread looks reaaaaaaaaly good
Name: Charlotte 10th April 2012
The bread looked really fancy and i'd love to try it someday. :)
Name: Willow Byrnes 1st November 2012
For my homework i have to make a Tudor meal.
I am going to make gingered bread. So i just wonted to say thank you for helping me. I really like your website and will probably make gingered bread again. So thank you again for helping. We are always glad to get feedback on our site. Do let us know what you thought of your finished meal. The Cookit Team.
Name: Lola 10th December 2012
For my project at school we are doing tudors,my group is making a (small)tudor feast.This website really helped!
Name: Shannon Towler 13th June 2013
For my homework i had to make something tudor and i picked the gingerbread thank u also because it really helped me
Name: Theo 17th December 2014
this tastes awsome!
Name: Fog 29th June 2016
i hate it
Name: Tim 23rd November 2016
amazing resipe
Name: Tim 23rd November 2016
amazing recipe, thanks
Name: Daniel James Western 27th November 2016
This will be great for my homework our theme for the class was tudors!!!
Name: Rose 26th July 2017
This stuff tastes horrible, I would advise you don't try it

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