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Grilled Trout (Neolithic) - Comments


Name: Jiri 19th March 2012
These pictures remind me of that Brad Pitt movie, A River Runs Through It. I think they were flyfishers, but it looked similar. I remember loving watching those scenes, something kinda spiritual about it all somehow. Maybe that sounds silly, but your images evoke that same kind of feel. Great work.
Name: Donadela 26th November 2012
Very nice, but how authentic is Neolithic butter? Wouldn't they use animal fat, if anything? There is evidence that Neolithic peoples in Switzerland were involved in dairy, milking goats etc. It is impossible to be sure exactly what was done with this milk but both souring and churning are very simple processes. We do our best to make our historical recipes as accurate as we can and always welcome comments about them. By all means use fat if you feel it would be more commonly available. The Cookit Team

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