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Roman Lentil Casserole (Pottage) - Comments


Name: Redd 14th January 2013
CURRIED RICE AND LENTILS with no added fat, its simple peisnoalrz it w/th some chopped greens browned seitan or a veggie mix.1 12 white or brown rice uncooked1 cup lentils2 tomatoes diced3 12 cups of water or veggi broth1 bay leaf opptional1 tablespoon cumin12 teaspoon turmeric12 teaspoon garlic powdersalt and peper to taste1. combine all ingredients except for salt and pepper in a large soup bowl bring to a slow simmer then cover and cook for 20 min. stir occationally until rice is done and liquid is absorbed.2. Taste then add a bit of salt and pepper if needed remove bay leaf before serving.tip: u can put this in a bell pepper. heat oven at 375 for 25 min. for bell peppers then stuff them!!!
Name: Pinky 4th October 2013
Fish sauce and honey? That's not vegetarian! Fascinating site, thanks for sharing.
Name: Hater 4th June 2014
nice recipe, very well described.
Name: Alagon 10th August 2015
Nicely described recipe, and fascinating site, but this one is definitely not vegetarian. The Fish sauce condemns it as one for those of an omnivorous palate.

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