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Train Cake (1970's Party) - Comments


Name: Colin Veysey 26th April 2010
Hi - Love the picture - please could I use the photo of the chocolate train to accompany a young person's article in our local community newspaper). It's a not for profit paper, and we would be very grateful if we could use it. Please let us know if there is any acknowledgement needed. Many thanks - Colin

Yes - Cookit
Name: Rina 19th February 2012
After the rdeaing the reviews for this recipe,I can't wait to try it!I may have to hide it well in the fridge. I dont think it would last a week though thanks for the tips and recipe!
Name: Abigail And Tiffany 7th September 2014
This looks really good. I'd (We'd) like to try it sometime
Name: Connor 12th May 2017
I want pizza now

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