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Steamed Chocolate Pudding - Comments


Name: Calli 17th January 2010
it is easy to make
Name: Cambo 24th March 2010
Name: Lw 16th May 2010
i want to make this... but can i just ask what a basin is???

Its a bowl - Cookit
Name: Charlotte 30th May 2010
I don't have a steamer, can I use something else?
If you don't have a steamer a large pan with a lid can be used. It is vital though to keep the water level high enough that the pudding doesn't burn and low enough that no water gets into the pudding when it's cooking. This is generally why steamers were used as the water isn't in direct contact, it is just easier and doesn't require you to keep such a close eye on it. The Cookit Team
Name: Rosie Scott 16th July 2010
I thought that this recipe was exceptional, it was the best steamed chocolate pudding I have ever seen! Overall, I would recommend this to every body I know.
Thankyou for this recipe Cookit :)
Name: Kenyah 25th November 2010
im only making this because of school it does look tummyliusious
Name: Kiana 24th January 2011
this was the yummyest recipe i have ever tasted thanks for the recipe you are the best cookit
Name: Sophie 2nd February 2011
i am doing a recipe book on this
Name: Joe 6th February 2011
i am making this because of school to and we are going to cook it!!!! (yummy)
Name: Mackenzie Serpell 10th February 2011
I have cooked this and plan to take it into school tomorrow - hope I can wait till tomorrow to eat it!
Name: Bob 15th March 2011
Name: Jimbob 15th March 2011
Name: Jake 24th March 2011
i'm going to make this for my w.w.2 topic on monday it looks lovely hopefully its as good as it looks. Do let us know how it came out and whether you liked it. The Cookit Team.
Name: Ross 16th May 2011
lovely !!!!!!!!!!!
Name: ALO19 24th September 2011
Absaloutly TASTY using it for my ww2 project 2
Name: Iqra 5th October 2011
I Love this recipe, anyone that wants to know if it's nice. its lovely :)
Name: Anonymous 17th October 2011
I had to make a "delicious" world war two recipe for my homework. I thought that in the war nothing was delicious so I considered just bringing in a stale loaf of bread. Then I found this recipe, which is one of the only "delicious" world war two puddings ever!
Name: Y7868 2nd November 2011
nice and wicked
Name: Hollie 2nd December 2011
it looks really nice!!!!! :)
Name: Lachie 5th December 2011
is it easy to make and nice? Steamed puddings are not as easy as say a normal cake you bake in the oven but many of our young cooks have managed to make this dish. As for taste, it is a nice one as Wartime recipes go, of course there was no chocolate and little sugar to use. Our cooks have left both good and bad comments, it is less sugary and chocolatey than a modern chocolate cake but we thought it was nice. The Cookit Team
Name: Lachie 7th December 2011
ok thanks
Name: Connor 13th March 2012
It is nice and simple to cook and is realy tastey compared to all the other foods they had to have in World War II
Name: Lally Mally 9th May 2012
so cool all my class loved it
Name: Delice Webb 18th May 2012
this food item is scrumpshes.
Name: Anna 22nd May 2012
Name: Hey 13th October 2012
looks good tastes good great to take in for home work
Name: Bosdesg 13th October 2012
Name: Mrs Bell 11th November 2012
I am looking forward to making this recipe with my class of Year 3 children as we are learning about WW2, rationing and instructions. Thankyou! :)
Name: Sallly Jones 19th November 2012
It does not work at all and why would you put carrots in it? We have cooked this reliably many times and the recipe usually works very well. The trickiest part is managing the steamer. If you let us know what problem you had, we might be able to help. This is a wartime recipe and so carrot is used to help cover up the 'missing' ingredients due to rationing. Cooks had to be very inventive and use what was available. This pudding has a lovely texture and the carrot makes it very moist. It is by far the healthiest version of a chocolate pudding we have seen. It is also true that it isn't as rich or chocolatey as a modern pudding would be- they just didn't have the ingredients. The Cookit Team
Name: Sally Anderson 27th November 2012
I made this for my year 7 and 8 pupils as we were supporting a play about WW2. The recipe worked really well. My classes were mostly pleasantly surprised with the pudding and some absolutely loved it! We all agreed, just a little more cocoa powder would make it a viable, healthy pudding for today. Thank you. Thank you very much for letting us know about the activities you have been doing. We love to hear how our recipes are received. The Cookit Team
Name: Josh 13th May 2013
Cooks had to be very inventive and use what was available.
Name: Nashwan 15th September 2013
Dear all, Thanks for your lovely words, do try out this reicpe, good one!I think you can substitute evaporated with fresh milk, you try out and let me know.Yummy, you need to line the side and bottom of cake pan with parchment paper.
Name: Tara 20th January 2014
i cant wait to try out this new recipe for my ww2 project!
Name: Jamie 23rd February 2014
very nice recipe like the way they substitutes sugar for carrots and still makes it sweet
Name: Kaira - Lily 25th September 2014
this is an amazing recipe! i will definitely use this 4 my ww2 project Coventry and the blitz!
Name: Jake 7th October 2014
Very nice looks modern.
Name: Jerry Jebson 11th November 2014
It was lousy and old-fashioned! Its 2014 not 1942! God! Get with the times!
Name: Alan 13th November 2014
It was very easy to make thanks cookit!
Name: Joni 7th January 2015
What exactly do you mean when you mention serving this with "custard"? I live in the US and would like to try this recipe but am not sure what the custard part is...
Name: Memy 27th January 2015
Hi Joni, Custard comes in a tin about the size of a soup can. You can either buy it ready made or as a powder. Birds Eye Custard Powder is my favorite. I get it at either HEB or Target. Just add milk and a bit of sugar and cook it on the stove top. You can either make it thick like a chocolate pudding or runnier like a thin sweet sauce.
Name: Hannah 15th February 2015
In WW2 would people make this?
Name: Brittany 27th February 2015
hi i am doing a school project and i was wondering what are some good recipes to make from world war 2 i need at least 15 good ones! Please contact me as soon as possible!
Name: John 3rd April 2015
Sorry Jerry J. but it looks like you are outvoted. ๐Ÿ˜„

Old fashioned it may be but this pudding made and steamed properly is delicious. Carrots were not only added because of the 'missing ingredients' though but because carrots are naturally sweet and also when cooked provide not only bulk but are a really subtle flavor to this recipe. I've made it for years and all my family love it.
Name: CoolGuy123 10th July 2015
I hated this cake needs 500 more grams of sugar and 1000 more grams of COCO ! (if ya kno what I mean ;))
Name: Heather 28th February 2016
Ihad to re write a recipe for our ww2 project and it turned out really well๐Ÿ˜Š I also made it and it was FOUL๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ต
Name: Leighton Stonehouse 9th June 2016
It looks tastey im going to have a go
Name: Jo 26th June 2016
I must ask my mother if she remembers this version of the pudding during the war. She does make it, even today, served with lashings of chocolate custard, but there's no carrot in it.
Name: L1A 7th September 2016
really nice
Name: Crystal 10th October 2016
In my school we are doing ww2 and my teacher siad i have to make somthing for this Thursday because its VE day and we are having a celebration on Thursday so im going to make this for my school to try it looks fun to make and so tasty and yummy so goooood
Name: Mina 25th October 2016
My teacher said to make a recipie booklet about ww2 for next term. When I brought it to school, she said it was her favourite recipie she found.
Name: Mina 25th October 2016
I was asked to make a cook book about world war 2 so I chose this one. My teacher found it really intresting and yummy and gave me a prize. It really helped with my home work! Cook it website Is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Jacob 9th January 2017
Very delicious AMAZING LOL
Name: Arna 26th May 2017
wow- this recipe is amazing- i reccomend it
Name: Emma Rosely 9th June 2017
Food is yucky!
Name: Jonah 19th September 2017
Love it really nice!
Name: Lolo 4th October 2017
Name: Hattie 8th October 2017
This is a really good recipe I recommend it and it is really easy to do because you everything at home
Name: Amy Hardde 27th October 2017
This is a good recipe as well as a yucky one I think ;)
Name: Stefan 30th January 2018
I am about to make it I hope it is good
Name: Coco 22nd February 2018
was not the best chocolate cake I have tried but it would have been a good one for ww2!!!
Name: Ng 9th December 2018
i don't have a steamer ,................. by the way i am 7 years old............i would n't want to make that for my school project....
Name: Earn 23rd February 2019
I hope it will be delicious ๐Ÿ˜‹
Name: Zara 22nd July 2019
i will try this for my school project i hope it turns out great!
Name: Abbey 10th November 2019
I,m looking forward to making looks tasty

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