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Rabbit Stew - Comments


Name: Una Pauil 25th November 2009
very good!
Name: Cupcake 24th January 2011
i havnt tried it but had to do a ww2 recipie for school and chose this but it looks nice
Name: Queeneth 7th April 2011
good recipe
Name: George Samuels 24th June 2011
i am doing this for school and it looks nice but my friend does not fancy it!!
Name: George S 27th June 2011
it will be nice!!!
Name: Am 27th June 2011
very bad
Name: George Samuels 27th June 2011
it was nice
Name: Brett 8th July 2011
it was very tasty
Name: Sheniya Lothian 11th December 2011
it was very nice and my family loved it
Name: Tim 31st December 2011
You should wear gloves while preparing the raw rabbit meat, don't want to catch anything.
Name: Sidra 19th February 2012
This sounds absolutely wonderful! My husband can't stand cooked carrots either, he's in the same boat as you there, so I'm hoping this is a hit with him as well Can't wait to try it!
Name: Rachel 2nd March 2012
I made them with my nanny because she was in the war.I loved the rabbit stew
Name: Canet 16th June 2012
i loved it
Name: Brad 20th March 2013
This was really nice.but it it was really hard to make /stiring with my spoon
Name: Emilybray 27th April 2013
love it lol
Name: Jason Dandruff 8th February 2014
i tried this at home with my wife, to teach the children about what the ww2 ate, and we all enjoyed it. Infact, its the best meal they have tried, they said. I reccomend this to people who want to learn about what people ate back then, really pleased with this recipe. I am going to make this again for my friends, thank you for making this recipe. Jason
Name: Blob Blob 9th November 2014
Brill recipe but needs a glossary
Name: Frances 22nd February 2015
I don't really understand!
A whole rabbit! I would never even shoot a rabbit, let alone eat one!
Name: Roman 5th May 2015
I just got a rabbit
Name: ... 23rd February 2016
Cool i get to eat a rabbit!
Name: Amin Yashed 3rd March 2016
You could use chicken, if you're fussy.
Name: Jo 26th June 2016
My mother was a young child in London during the war. Her dad bought a pair of rabbits for breeding purposes, but he couldn't bring himself to kill their offspring, so the rabbits became household pets and he gave their babies way to people who weren't quite so squeamish.This is a good recipe, although I admit that as I live in Italy I tend to use a recipe from Luguria, which has wine and black olive in it.
Name: Lilly 4th July 2016
Its really nice =)
Name: Lily 56 17th November 2016
yuck we hated it and mum made 8 trays of it
Name: Eevee Girl 4th October 2017
Good for my ww2 topic, I'm making a cookbook about what people ate during the war and about rationing
Name: Manuel 26th November 2017
It is so delicious!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Jay 24th December 2017
Name: Grace Lillian 3rd November 2018
Thanks I have had a great time making these recipes and got an a metit at school for them
Name: Grand Chungus 25th February 2019

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