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Cucumber Sandwiches - Comments


Name: Krystal 17th November 2010
cucumber sandwiches are delicious and if you eat it right it will fill you up...:)
Name: David 19th August 2011
Instead of butter try using mayonaise.
Slice cucumber after peeling using the mandoline on a cheese grater
Name: The Queen 1st September 2011
i have this all the time
Name: Haza 1st February 2012
this is a really good sandwitch i had it once and i loved it
Name: Ella 18th May 2012
had to do a cooking class project on ww2 this really helped thanks
Name: Nancy 31st May 2012
Thnx 4 the recipe .. really like it! :D
Name: Kallum 13th June 2012
thanks used it for a project at school, realy apreciate it!

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