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Cryspez, Medieval Pancakes - Comments


Name: Cat 9th March 2010
I've also seen a recipe for these where they are called Crypspey or Froize. A brilliant way of making weird shaped Crispies is to let the batter run down your finger into the hot oil..a bit like fried noodles.
Name: Sweetie 8th December 2011
yummmy especially with honey
Name: Sophie 8th December 2011
so delicious with honey on top
Name: Eva McG 8th October 2012
I like to cook, and well, It s not about being the best chef, It s about having fun, because it s fun to cook. Great to get your comment. We agree, many of our recipes are unusual to encourage people to cook or try something new for fun. The Cookit Team.
Name: Love Pancakes 5th May 2014
mmmmmmmmmmmmmm These look so yum!
Name: Tigers Are Awesome 27th November 2015
Name: Ilovecooking 3rd June 2018
i have not tried this recipe yet but from all the positive comments i think that everyone in my class will love it
Name: Pauline Kruyer 16th June 2019
I was under the impression that the only oil available during this period was imported and not readily available to the majority of people. So surely frying in animal fat would be more authentic.

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