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Gruel - Comments


Name: Estelle 1st February 2010
imagne eating that day aftre day discusting
Name: Jkhdfk 13th February 2010
proper gruel is made with hemp seed which were very widely availible (+ cheap) at the time because of hemps use in ships (all sails + ropes where made of it).

as hemp seed is soooo nutritious it was one of the few times in history the working classes were healthier than the upper classes!
Name: Ebony :) 28th April 2010
to be honest would you dare eat it :P bleughhh
makes me feel sick just looking at it porridge is bad enough but this is just BORK!!!!
Name: Meg A. 21st July 2010
I made this with my friend kitty. Apparently if you add some sugar it tastes better. But if you wanna just eat it plain make sure you have a beverage next to you so you can wash it down!
Name: Alice 15th August 2010
nasty yuck i've tried it it's grose
Name: Lucy :) 8th November 2010
havent tried it but the sound of it is repulsive on its own... yuck :(
Name: Jack 21st November 2010
I used to have this as a child and it was superb, as long as you get the correct oatmeal. A pat of butter was also added to enhance the flavour. I don't recall it being cooked for 10 minutes.
Name: Shadia 23rd November 2010
ehhh it looks disgusting and tastes dissgusting
Name: Oliver Twist 8th December 2010
Tastes nice - could I have some more?
Very witty. See Charles Dickens for further details. The Cookit Team
Name: Zed 10th April 2011
Very interesting. It can't have tasted that bad if Oliver wanted some more. Where can I buy some hemp seed, so that I can try Jkhdfk's recipe?
Name: Z AND E 20th April 2011
and besides, it was yucky!!
Name: Z And E 27th April 2011
yes, it was yucky....
Name: Me 15th September 2011
best thing ive ever tasted!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Z And E 18th September 2011
actually I think I liked it!!! (really)
Name: KT 19th September 2011
Doing it for topic at school, trying a spoonful tomorrow. Sounds disgusting! Thanks for the recipe!
Name: EB 25th September 2011
About to make it in a minutes for homework it looks horrid but sound nice :)
Name: Dougie 6th October 2011
Actually, if you increase the oats to a cupful, with 2 and a half cupfuls of water, it just becomes porridge, a Scottish favourite.
Name: Diana15 12th October 2011
I hate gruel in the olden day' is nasty.
Name: Diana15 29th October 2011
I acttually like gruel now it tastes nice .I've tasted it in school with honey ."Yum!"
Name: Diana15 29th October 2011
its nice with honey though
Name: Cristiano Ronaldo(shangeethan) 17th November 2011
it is bare disgusting it looks like porride although we tryed at school and it sick me badly i did"t want it again and please don't
try gruel agian in your life. if you understand me do it?
Name: Lionel Messi(harmeet) 21st November 2011
i like it
Name: Amaan Mir 21st November 2011
it is terrible but nice with honey cos i tasted it in school horrid
Name: James 21st November 2011
Name: Mr Forkhandles 21st November 2011
Gruel. Yum, Yum. In these days of austerity, with Gruel (or watery oatmeal porridge) you can add honey, jam or marmalade to flavour the meal.
Name: Lionel Messi(harmeet) 23rd November 2011
i like it it is so tasty i like the salty one better
Name: Amaan Mir 29th November 2011
i hate it badly
Name: Dallas 29th November 2011
Name: Frt 15th December 2011
yum yum delicisous
Name: Manpreer 26th December 2011
Well the it was so bad but, at school we made salt and sweet one the salt one was bad. The sweet one was nice and sweet i can have that one for ever.
Name: Honey 2nd January 2012
Tastes way better with honey.
Name: Ellyanna 13th January 2012
this is so helpful!
Name: A Little Kid 22nd February 2012
I love gruel
Name: LEE LOW 23rd February 2012
so help ful for school
Name: Jasmine :3 25th February 2012
So helpful thanks, I'm making this for history homework!!! :)
Name: Barrie Stevens 22nd March 2012
add Marmite/Vegemite
Name: Stuart Little 28th March 2012
Name: KITTY 28th March 2012
Our book club is reading Oliver Twist this month & I thought I would make some to bring for us to taste!
Name: Ross B 18th April 2012
thanks for the homework help for food it really helps for the project
Name: Bob 15th May 2012
Name: Emily 17th May 2012
I eat oatmeal almost everyday and am grateful to have found an authentic recipe for preparing gruel. I usually prepare my version of oatmeal using quick cooking oats and water. I then add either almond or soy beverage to it for taste. Also, I have been interested in learning more about the living conditions of the poor in England, so I thank you again.
Name: SnipahKitteh 21st May 2012
wow. just wow.
Name: Janka 25th May 2012
I have tasted it before and it is delicious, because I have made some food like this before!
Name: Daisy Willow 11th June 2012
Very satisfying. If I were you, I'd put one more spoon of oats in.
Name: Lauren 18th June 2012
gruel shouldnt have been in one to avoid
Name: Oliver Twist 26th June 2012
please sir, dont give me more! i dont care if those kids dared me to ask you for more it was gross! why cant i just have an apple?!
Name: Caroline Thom 29th June 2012
mmmm nice
Name: Jason 22nd July 2012
Not bad
Name: Tobias Ragg 3rd August 2012
They used to give this to us at the workhouse. But I don't need to eat this anymore, Mrs. Lovett gives me lots of yummy pies!
Name: Reece 8th August 2012
have it every day
Name: Jessie May 279 16th September 2012
I haven't tried it yet so I don't know how it will taste.
Name: Andrew 17th September 2012
This is for my homework
Name: Me 18th September 2012
Name: Maeve 9th October 2012
It is for my homework
Name: Year 5 10th October 2012
We are making this next week. Can't wait!
Name: Chloe 14th October 2012
I made it for my friends at school on Victorian day, they hated it!!
Name: B 15th October 2012
Great making we are going to make it at my school in the last week of term and make other respise from cookit.WE ARE HAVING A VICTORIAN COOKING DAY AND DRESSING UP AS VICTORIANS!!!!!!!!
Name: Tilly 23rd October 2012
Me and my school tried Gruel seven people loved it everyone else hated it and I had seconds :-)
Name: Nadz 2nd November 2012
we did this at school, i loved it and i had 3 cups, many of my friends liked it!:)
Name: Hbg 5th November 2012
it sounds yuck! but is probably nice!
Name: Olivia 13th November 2012
I'm doing this for my homework!
Name: Sheila 13th November 2012
My Dada used to make this for me when I had been ill as a child. That was some 60 years ago. It always made me feel much better, Thank you Dada
Name: Zorua 13th November 2012
My try on cooking it was an epic fail, cus i didn't get the instructions and now i has a pot of gruel thats just sitting there What part didn't you understand, perhaps we can make it clearer for you? The Cookit Team.
Name: Ashton Stevenson 16th November 2012
dis sucks
Name: Alice B 16th November 2012
Tomorow i am going to be making grule i am not sureif i am going to like it but theres always a hope that i will like it. Then i have to take it in teacher to try wonder if shes going ti like it. I think i'm going to make my sister, brother, mum and dad try it as well as me. Looks distuging but may taste nice. How about i tell you later on just so you know far shure.
Name: Zorua 18th November 2012
Is this the right way to make gruel? This recipe is an original 18th century one, yes it makes gruel but a very plain one for workhouses. The Cookit Team.
Name: Uycyfc 19th November 2012
ewwwww so smelly and to watery !!!!:P
Name: JEAN WRIGHT 22nd November 2012
Well, this Gruel is actually also a thin porridge !
It was also sometimes made with a meat stock of some sort. Victorians also occasionally ate a bowl (or basin!!) of it before bedtime. It was supposed to make one sleep well....
Name: Rebecca M 11th December 2012
It smells but i liked it as i tryed and made it at home and have it every night
Name: David Iggo 6th January 2013
Made with oatmeal in scotland it is also known as oatmeal brose. Two desert spoonfuls of oatmeal and a little salt to taste. Cover with hot water, place small plate on top and leave for 5 minutes. Then it is ready to eat. Absolutely delicious and a perfect breakfast for diabetics such as me.
Name: Oxford Lass 28th January 2013
Oliver Twist!
Name: Amina 1st February 2013
before you go to school have some gruel!
Name: Jansy 9th February 2013
My husband wants me to make gruel because his Aberdeen granny used to make it for him but she's long dead now and can't tell me how she made it.ill try this recipe and let you know his reaction.
Name: Natasha Ariss 19th February 2013
omg i really want to make it i am going to try it tomorrow before i go to school x
Name: Claudia 21st February 2013
My mother used to make it with cabbage juice and corn meal. Very hearty.
Name: Big German 26th February 2013
Really helpful. My wife loves the gruel.
Name: Holly Talulah Cotterill 17th March 2013
Mmmm.It had a very strange taste.But I give it a wopping 8 out of 10.
Name: Collin 20th March 2013
Occasionally I go on a gruel fast:
For two weeks only eat gruel no sugar or salt but with whole milk.Plus 1 can of spring-water sardines with a twist of lemon for tea per day.
Also can drink lemon-tea or water. Lost 10kg! It takes a little discipline but gets slightly easier the more I do it.
I try to do this twice /year.
Name: Bob 11th May 2013
Name: Walker 13th May 2013
The taste is pretty plain, like another gruel I tried. Couple of recommendations: use oat flour as it will make a paste very easily. Also, you can add chocolate, peanutbutter and/or banana, honey, etc. for truly spectacular results. Bits of apple with cinnamon is definitely something I want to try too.
Name: Strona Firmowa 25th May 2013
As a Newbie, I am constantly exploring online for articles that can help me. Thank you
Name: Joey 12th June 2013
Its just plain oatmeal with too much water in it.
Name: Www 15th June 2013
Valuable information. Lucky me I found your website unintentionally, and I am surprised why this twist of fate did not came about earlier! I bookmarked it. www
Name: Joseph Kirwin 11th July 2013
mmmm gruel, now i can feed the kids at camp.
Name: Marco 15th July 2013
Hi there, I found your blog via Google while searching for a related topic, your web site came up, it looks good. I have bookmarked it in my google bookmarks. Marco
Name: Dogone 15th July 2013
Finally! I've been looking for somewhere to give me an idea on how to cook gruel for a while now but I kept getting answers that were vague at best.
With these instructions I can extrapolate other gruel recipes too... Add grain/starch, add five times the water you'd need regularly to cook it (So that the water also fills you up more), Cook for 4-5 times what you'd normally cook it for (So that the grain or starch breaks down into more of a consistent liquid so the gruel becomes more like a soup).
Name: Jschmidt 16th July 2013
well it is a good thing they had low cholesterol from the oatmeal, or they might not have been able to work long enough
Name: Sam Hill 3rd August 2013
In Nicaragua they make a fresco (cold drink like juices) out of a lot of cold water and regular Quaker Oats. I don't know the exact proportions but sweeten to taste. If made in a 2 quart ice tea pitcher when settled theliquid looks like a grey flannel blanket and about a cup or cup and a half of oats in the bottom. Left over night in the fridge it makes a refreshing mid day drink.
Name: Keith Allen 9th October 2013
I could have learned that from the quaker oats box.
Name: Jesus Lopez 13th October 2013
I'll be making this for my wife for dinner tonight.
Name: Jessie Easton 3rd November 2013
Good recipe
Name: Cj 14th November 2013
Name: Oliver 30th November 2013
This recipe ruined my life. I asked for more but all I got was a whippin'
Name: Pamela-Colorado 2nd December 2013
I read once that during the Middle Ages a thin slightly warm gruel of oatmeal was made to assist in the recovery of illness. It calms and cleans the digestive tract. And helps to restore the strength of the patient. Last week I was fighting a cold and decided to put the gruel method to the test. I cooked one cup of oatmeal with four cups of water and cooked it down. Then I put it all in a blender and blended it until it was the consistency of a milkshake. I added two cups of cold water and blended it again so it was warm, not hot. I added a small amount of sweetener to taste and slowly drank it down. I loved it! Very comforting! And after a while I broke out in a sweat (good sign) and I did not come down with a cold after all. That gruel really cleaned me out. I recommend it for anyone who is chilly and under-the-weather and wants something comforting and restorative to drink. I slept very well I might add.
Name: Cad 11th December 2013
nice recipe

Name: Pedro Guitierez 15th December 2013
Es muy bien
Name: Pedro Guitierez 15th December 2013
MUY BIEN es delicioso
Name: Genie 28th December 2013
I had oatmeal porridge for breakfast every other day during the winter and that is just like gruel only thicker. It had to be good and salty and was better with a bit of butter and some milk. I was fascinated as a child by the gruel that was waiting on the hob for Ebenezer Scrooge in Charles Dickens' "Christmas Carole" to eat before going to bed because he had a cold on the head. Come to think of it, maybe that was what inspired the three Christmas ghosts to visit him.
Name: Edwin 31st December 2013
I used this for a project it was awsome
Name: Andy Calora 14th February 2014
The gruel taste like slime coming down your throat
Name: Josh Whitehouse 20th February 2014
Its horrible we made it at school for our production
Name: Ian 30th March 2014
I made this for some method acting and learned that adding a bit of honey after it's boiled makes it far more palatable.
Name: Tom 3rd May 2014
I loved it, I now eat it everyday for every meal, i also give it to my family and they seem to like it too.we are setting up a new campaign to become gruelian where all we ever eat is gruel!!!
Name: Hamilton 22nd May 2014
Lovely - forgot all about gruel. My mom made it for me when I was growing up - more than sixty years ago. I've never had it since. Enjoyed it tremendously. Where did she hear about it? A remarkable woman all round.
Name: Dave 6th September 2014
C'est breakfast, every morning in winter. Keeps you warm and toasty on the cold days. :)
Name: Chris Singer 27th September 2014
i make my own version of instant breakfast oats using this stuff. I put some of the oats through a food processor, add milk powder and a little sugar and salt. Then added some unprocessed oats for rectitude. I also add cinnamon and some raisins. Added boiled water and stir for a while. Not quite shop bought but healthier for you and you can add other things banana or fried apple etc.
Name: Aaron 9th November 2014
Gruel is beautiful.
Name: Maryya (Maria) 6th December 2014
I made my own gruel and it was delicious!! I made some for my little sister who is only 1, and you could tell she loved it.
Name: Maisie 15th December 2014
Ive tried at school and its lushhhh mmm
Name: Kybelboy 2nd January 2015
Good grief people! This is Oatmeal! If you liked this recipe, add a little more oatmeal to thicken it and add sugar and butter when served. (NOT Margarine, butter!) and serve with buttered toast. This will become one of your favorite breakfasts!
Name: Annajob 13th January 2015
I feed it to our 6 hens and to the wild bird in snowy 2ltr ice cream container first thing in the morning, they love it !
Name: Hkgphooey 16th March 2015
You can be poor and healthy eating rice,beans and porridge,it's so much cheaper and so very much healthier than fast junk foods and drinks!!!.
Name: Ed 13th April 2015
Gruel is okay for emergency rations or if your jaw has been wired shut and you need to eat through a straw. I think I will stick with John McCain steel cut oatmeal.
Name: Linden Ash 9th June 2015
We should forward this RECIPE on to Conservative HQ for mass distribution
Name: KWF 27th September 2015
I'm surprised Michelle Obama is not pushing this on the school lunch menu.
Name: Izzy 31st October 2015
I'm going to use this for a homework task we have to do victorian gruel I know weird right?
Name: Asmeda 12th November 2015
it looks pritty disgusting but i have to make it for homework
Name: Bob 20th November 2015
this looks nasty have to do this for school project
Name: Sarah 25th November 2015
im doing this for homework and my class are going to sample it! Gross
Name: MArCeLlA VALLe 7th December 2015
This looks gross I feel so ban for my BFFs and classmates ๐Ÿ˜ถ๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฟ
Name: Julia 29th January 2016
It tastes delicious!!!!! I love oatmeals!
Name: Brooke 24th February 2016
Name: John 24th February 2016
im doing this for a report and it doesn't look half bad
Name: Conor Brolly 29th February 2016
It stinks, this is homework, feel bad for the teachers
Name: Dawn 4th March 2016
It is paste should stick to my insides. I would never eat it even just to try it. My brothers would have bread and hot milk with sugar for breakfast. not sure who taught them to make it think it was my father. I would never eat it
Name: SwaggySTINKBOMB 19th March 2016
Yum yum! I LOVE GRUEL! Tastes delicious! I tried it at school the other day when we were learning about convicts, teacher said they used to get 200g of bread and some gruel a day. ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜Žโค๏ธ
Name: Lee 12th April 2016
Love it had it often as a kid it was a poor mans food . Was given to people getting better after a illness. Halted put a lining on their stomachs.
Name: Thabiso Motlogelwa 11th May 2016
I made gruel 2 times I had fun making it
Name: HISTORYLOVER 23rd July 2016
I cannot believe people used to eat this yuck!!! :(
Name: Ak143 29th August 2016
If veg, goes well with mango chutney or pickle. But non veg try all.
Name: MJ 6th October 2016
I don't think you guys realise, they didn't have a choice in the matter of their food, lol.
Name: Victorian Fan 10th October 2016
thank you soooo much!
my teacher decided to make it as a punishment for my class!
Name: Think Outside The Box!! 16th October 2016
back then they didn't have other foods in their taste buds. So this food was a normal taste.
Same thing if you got another country, you dont have the taste of their food, so you might find it not so pleasant. Its not gross, your just not accustomed to eating something so bland.

-Teen Blogger
Name: Hugh Janus 24th October 2016
What were those pesky Victorians moaning about? Gruel is lovely and a perfect accompaniment to a glass of Lambrini or any other fine wine.
Name: S Lawson 16th November 2016
Apparently it's the same as Horlicks, but I think Horlicks tastes better because it has milk added.
Name: Cordelia 19th November 2016
Gruel is punishment not because of its taste but because of its meagerness. When you have a bowl of cereal today it contains about a cup of grain to less than a cup of milk. Gruel had a few spoonfuls of grain in two cups of water. Much less nutrition so you would get hungry again very soon.
Name: Why Is 1st December 2016
Personally I don't like oatmeal, but it's other name is kasha. I prefer Mani-ya kasha which is cream of wheat. Everyone knows that words evolved and de-evolve in status, so how did that word start? AS a bad word of punishment, or as just a word for a food that was meant to feed many on the money on-hand to feel the masses in the work place. NOW, who feeds workers?
Name: Lance 14th January 2017
I tried this recipe and it was delicious! Nothing like it. :)

I substituted the oatmeal for regular multi-purpose flour (With my Quakers Oats I wasn't able to make a paste) but it came out just fine. Might taste better with oats though
Name: Jill5 Kemshed 18th February 2017
I have not yet tried this recipe yet.However, I remember Gruel from when my Grandma made it and I am talking about the early 1940 's as I am almost 79 years old. I can smell it even now, however, it just not smell or taste the same these days.I am thinking, are the Oats not the same these days?J.K.
Name: Peter 28th March 2017
This is fabulous
Name: Don123 12th May 2017
Man I used this for my sons homework
Name: William 2nd June 2017
Jill, many medieval, early modern, and historical Gruel recipes contain a hint of onion. That is definitely what is missing in this recipe.
Name: Colly 25th July 2017
This recipe would be better entitled "Thin gruel" as Scrooge prefers in Xmas Carol. A little more oats plus honey as a sweetener makes it far tastier! (Yes - this was based on a workhouse prison recipe and they were not too concerned about making it tasty!!!! - The Cookit Team) 
Name: Sheila 15th August 2017
My dad long past gone used to make my siblings and me something he would call gruel when we were sick. He would boil a chicken until it fell apart . To the broth he added cornmeal. I remember being very sick And only thing could hold down was my dad's chicken broth gruel. I am at this website because I feel bad and craving my dads Remedy for whatever ails you! Have a good day !
Name: Darles Chickens 24th October 2017
Making this for my history class tomorrow, thanks for the recipe! I can pretty much predict everyone in my class will hate it, so I'll make only enough for half of them and they can split it, lol.
Name: Sherry 24th November 2017
Me and Adam Cetiner had sooo much fun !
We laughed until our sides ached. :) :) :)
Name: Alan 26th November 2017
I still do not understand why Scrooge would want a bowl of this? Was it for his head cold?
Name: Cow Sox 11th December 2017
horrible birthday surprise!!!
Name: Benny 14th December 2017
It does say in A Christmas Carol that Scrooge was taking the gruel because of his head cold. Although I fail to see why. 19th Century remedy?
Name: Jared Nomak 6th January 2018
God damnit. Feel like I'm in prison.
Name: Debra L Bish 11th February 2018
Gruel as eaten when one was sick in an effort to get some nutrition into the sick person without taxing the digestive tract too much. It was thought that the less work the digestion had to do, the more the body could focus on fighting off the sickness.
Name: DebBish 11th February 2018
We make ours with millet, steel-cut oats or coarsely ground wheat berries (whole wheat ground coarsely) corn meal, or rice ground coarsely. I add butter & salt, or sugar & apples & cinnamon. Very lovely, and so nutritious.
Name: Nancy Kendall-Kruse 14th March 2018
My Grama Langley would make gruel with milk.
Name: Chris 1st April 2018
After Trump's tax plan takes effect, this is all I'll be able to afford to eat. I'm not part of 1%.
Name: Christine 25th June 2018
The one I made turned out really creamy. I only used water, oats and for a finish in the bowl, a tiny pat of butter. Who needs sugar or fruit? It's good plain. Yay Mr. Woodhouse! (from Emma by Jane Austen).
Name: Aiden 12th November 2018
I think it is great
Name: Colin Bowles 21st November 2018
I have been eating โ€œgruelโ€ for over seventy years, without realising. I call it โ€œporridgeโ€, but make it one part oats, one part milk, and one part water - mixed and cooked (these days) in a microwave oven and a spoonful of honey then added, plus a dash of milk. Delicious, and no sticky pan to wash.
Name: Elizabeth 1st December 2018
We eat this fairly frequently! we like it. Good Old Fashioned Rolled Oats are very nutritious.
Name: John 6th December 2018
@Colin Bowles

"one part oats, one part milk, and one part water"

you haven't been eating gruel then, which has no milk and according to the above recipe is 1 part oats to 19 parts water with a little salt, no added milk and no honey or sugar!
Name: Sarnya 11th December 2018
how many servings does this make?
Name: Quentin 11th January 2019
Name: Jimmy 23rd March 2019
How long can my children survive on this?
Name: Ross 30th April 2019
Great thing to feed the roaches! I love paring it with gelatin on only sunny days so it all melts together. Tastes like stew and musty things.
Name: Peter 25th May 2019
Horrible, how did they eat this?
Name: Benn Williams 6th August 2019
No wonder they had so many rebellions needing to be put down. It reminds me of wallpaper paste!
Name: Derrick A Nichol 7th September 2019
Add a tablespoon of butter. Cream and brown sugar. Apples and or raisins. A touch of cinnamon.
Name: Gg Cooker 12th October 2019
The children in the workhouse must have been so unlucky.
Name: Unicorn 16th October 2019
Weird!gruel is all what Victorian people eat! ๐Ÿคข๐Ÿคฎ
Name: Tiny Tim 16th October 2019
excited to try this !!!
Name: Amy Shook 31st October 2019
I'm Playing a workhouse boy in Oliver and i am very excited to try it with the rest of the work house boys at school! Thank you!

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