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Flapjacks - Comments


Name: Jessica 15th December 2011
these flap jacks are really good!
Name: Sarah 6th April 2012
this recipe sounds yummy, cant wait to try!
Name: Cat Green 9th June 2012
Flap jacks were really easy to make just waiting for them too cool and then we'll see what the kiddies think :-) will definitely be saving this recipe gonna try them with caramel and chocolate on top tomorrow :-)
Name: Katie Furson 15th September 2012
I have tried these before they turned up amazing, i tried them with chocolate the are disgusting they burnt, there went any left when i cut up the burnt off i did not like it! So i do not recommend it at all!
Name: Georgia's Mum 24th October 2012
Easy recipe. I think that you need twice the amount to fill an 18cm tin. We cooked it at 160 in a fan oven for 20 minutes and it still burnt a little so would advise cooking at a lower temp and checking after 15 minutes. Delicious made with lemon zest!
Name: Ben Hull 22nd February 2013
i made this but after i melted a bit of chocolate and poured it over it turned out really nice
Name: Lauren 17th November 2014
My Mam made them before and they were delicous I'm trying this for my homework hope they work #Mmmmmmm

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