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Woolton Pie - Comments


Name: Scott Briggs 21st November 2009
I hope that the marmite and vegetable water wasn't wasted down the sink! It would make for a marvellous start to a good stock.
Name: Jake 14th February 2010
Our topic at school is WWII and rationing so we were asked to find this recipe as homework.
Name: Rsdf 25th June 2010
Name: Star 7th November 2010
Sorry to say but the woolton pie was not nice at all.
Name: DOM 7th December 2010
it was discusting
Name: Maliha 21st March 2011
I liked this pie recipie but when I cooked it was yuck not in a mean way though
Name: Martin Espinoza 27th June 2011
note: swede is british for rutabaga.
Name: Coolkat 11th October 2011
it was really nice and the leftovers make great soup!!!
Name: Mrs Tamdi 18th October 2011
Used this with whole class, using individual tinfoil pie dishes (not authentic but needed to be transportable). They loved it. Easy to do and follow (Year 6 class). Definitely use again next time doing WW2. Thank you for your comment, we are always interested in how schools are using the resources. Your class might like to add their own comments to Woolton Pie too. The Cookit Team
Name: Luke 2nd March 2012
love it
Name: Maisie 14th April 2012
i am 9years old and i helped my dad make woolten pie because my family were all coming round to my house and i learnt about this recipe at school and asked my dad if we could make it and he said yes.I enjoyed making it and of course eating it was the best part! i would share this recipe with other family members. Thank you for your lovely comment. We are always delighted when people try and enjoy recipes from the site. The Cookit Team
Name: Brooklyn 20th May 2012
i loved doing this because it was fun and it tasted really nice.
Name: Jason 1st August 2012
Lovely, just made this for the kids and Mrs and they loved it. Well they said they did. A big hit I think and will definately make again.
Name: John 17th October 2012
I eat this a lot, it's tasty good and cheap.
Just in case no one knew you can keep the water the vegetables have been cooked in to make your gravy with. The marmite and vegetable water makes really tasty gravy - I like to make a lot and make it thick. Go easy on adding salt as there's marmite seasoning there allready. The oats slightly thicken the water too, especially if you put half a cup in like I do, so in theory you can get away with less flour in your gravy. If you really want to live like the 1940s make your gravy with olive oil to save using any more butter or lard and don't tell anyone! Back then olive oil was for earache or suntans.
Name: Chloe Tait 19th October 2012
i love it tased so goood am i right
Name: Shelly Wilson 19th October 2012
i love it its sooo gooood am i right
Name: Phoebe 22nd November 2012
i like it!
Name: Phoebe 22nd November 2012
i love this res
Name: Yhvi 24th February 2013
Name: Malgola Rem 22nd April 2013
Name: Peanut Butter Jelly Time 31st January 2014
Name: Zanzi 31st January 2014
This recepie was absolutely...........gross...but my friend liked it
Name: Sugar And Spice 8th February 2014
Brilliant but disgusting!!
Name: Allen 25th February 2014
We tried it and loved it. My wife went back for seconds.
Name: Anaam 21st May 2014
Great dish, I loved it... always though of what a Woolton pie was....thanks for sharing a video.
Name: Pip 17th November 2014
yuck yuckyooky
Name: Darren 22nd February 2015
Jk it was up good
Name: Huggz 26th March 2015
There are several versions of the recipe (mostly different toppings) but all are delicious and nutrious. Don't forget that the health of the nation vastly improved during the war years so they did something right !!
Name: Pete 31st August 2015
how can this be considered vegetarian, when the recipe uses LARD????!!!!!!?????
Name: Stephanie 3rd December 2015
I decided to give this recipe a try-but as I am dieting, make it without the pastry. I cook diced potato, carrots, turnip, onion together in a little water and add peas, corn and some chick peas or navy beans to add protein. Instead of pastry I top it with mashed potatoes to which I have added some blue cheese or sharp cheddar cheese. I season the vegetables according to my mood, so it is varied. My husband (who was a baby in London during the war) and I love it and serve it frequently
Name: Rachel 2nd March 2016
Nice Pie! It is so tasty
Name: James Wilton 9th March 2016
i agree with pete
Name: Hgfhkk 16th May 2016
I 😍 it
Name: Arif 9th May 2018
thanks for the recipe
Name: Tina Cooper 13th August 2018
Excellent & it was all about serving healthy, fresh, seasonal filling food during rationing. Preferably if you could grow it yourself.
The concept of vegetarian was not on the agenda. Meat was so strictly rationed people did without, not to be a "vegetarian". All you need to do to comply in the 21st century is change to vegetable fat. Easy! Yes I am a vegetarian but this is history.
Name: Johhny Johhny Yes Papa Papa 2nd November 2018
I love this recipe and im doing it for my homework
Name: Eve 24th February 2019
Really good and nice

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