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Cornish Pasty - Comments


Name: Joy Burberry 23rd April 2010
This tasted gorgeous in the end. My mum had to scoop the meat, onions and potato out and fry them though, as it didn't cook in the oven. Next time we'll fry the meat, potato and onions first.
Name: Lobo 15th September 2010
very nice pasty
Name: Poppy 10th October 2010
I Loved It It tasted great I Cant Help Not Recomending it to others
Name: Aleena And Lauren 24th November 2010
its loveley
Name: Meigan1cameron 29th March 2011
Smoked Red Mint Hummus

This recipe is similar to Basic Chickpea Hummus, but does not use Sesame Seeds or Tahini. Smokey Red Hummus also changes the ingredient proportions a bit.

1 Cup cooked garbanzo beans (also called chickpeas) (2 – 15 oz. cans)
1 large clove of garlic (to your taste)
1 Tablespoon of Lemon Juice
¼ - ½ t Kosher Salt
½ - 1 roasted red pepper. If you use jarred roasted red pepper, approximate.

The secret ingredients are:
¼ - ½ t smoked paprika
2 t finely minced fresh mint

This recipe is best eaten fresh. Try it on sliced Jicama, Celery sticks and water crackers.

Mash or blend together to the consistency you like.

for more detail please visit
Name: Kakuta Wenga 24th May 2011
i like it
Name: Abigail 29th October 2011
I dont like cornish pastees they are descusting...
Name: Nadz 2nd November 2012
Name: Mia 6th November 2012
love it
Name: Rocky 17th January 2013
YUMMY it taste lovely
Name: Harry 24th June 2013
best thing ever
Name: Soepicdodar 30th June 2013
I would definitely recommend this
Name: Derk 9th December 2013
Name: Mary 11th October 2014
I will definitely try them!
Name: Kate 19th November 2014
Name: Veronica 18th May 2015
Name: CROW 6th July 2015
I made it it's so so yummy and delicous :D
Name: Ruby 1st February 2016
They sound delicious
Name: Angela 11th April 2017
Why do you have potato listed as an ingredient? New world food. turnip, parsnip, carrot anything but a tatter..

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