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Apple Crumble - Comments


Name: Meagan Johnson 23rd November 2009
this is delicious!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Victoria Wilkins 14th November 2011
I really love this recipe.We always have it on the night before christmas eve,after dinner.
Name: Water 30th September 2013
Don't you have to simmer the apples in water before you put it in the oven dish? No, if you cook the cooking apples and then put the crumble on top they can release too much water and become mush. This can also make your crumble a bit soggy. Of course of you like the crumble filling very soft then you can part cook the fruit and then put the topping on, it's a matter of what you prefer. The Cookit Team.
Name: Steala 15th October 2013
huh and thx for helpin gme to cookl it but it loks delicous its was discusting#
Name: :) 10th November 2013
I luv apple crumble and custard!
Name: Nomster 16th December 2013
Although popular post-war, crumble topping was actually devised and first widely used during WW2 as it used less fat (which was rationed) than normal pastry, and could also incorporate oatmeal in a tastier way than alternative pastry recipes that also used mashed spuds etc.
Name: Logan 18th October 2016
it is good
Name: Bob 29th November 2016
its good
Name: Abdi 20th January 2017
its good
Name: BRUCE 20th April 2017

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