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Rabbit with Redcurrant Sauce - Comments


Name: Vina 21st November 2009
It might have been nice, but I can't bring myself to eat a bunny.
Name: Nicholas 6th December 2010
i cant bring myself to eat a bunny.
Name: Jo 5th May 2012
poor bunny, i can not bring myself to eat a poor bunny
Name: Emma 28th October 2012
it looks nice but ,please,killing a poor,innocent bunny is not nice!!!!!!
Name: Michelle 14th December 2012
I think this sounds good I am in culinary arts and wanted to do rabbit with red currant sauce for my gourmet meal. Not sure which recipe to go with yet.
Name: Eva 28th October 2013
I love rabbit me and my dad always go out hunting I love it this was great!
I also love woodpigeon sandwiches yummy no joke
Name: Ashleigh 7th June 2014
My family had never had rabbit before until I made this. This was just AMAZING!!!!! Definitely something we will be having again!!
Name: Peggy Sokoll 6th June 2016
What book os this recipe from?
Name: Ashleigh 8th September 2016
Commenting again 2 years later. To anyone who cannot bring themselves to eat a rabbit, replace the rabbit with chicken. I loved this with the rabbit, then we tried with chicken and it was fantastic. Making it for dinner again tonight. :)
Name: Bob 3rd October 2018
hell yeah! it was lovely. TRY IT.

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