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Pease Pudding or Pottage - Comments


Name: Timmy 7th October 2009
It's really greeen!
Name: Sam 7th October 2009
Looks weird!
Name: Monica 3rd February 2010
My class enjoyed this recipe - we used it as part of our Tudor studies.
Name: Paula 20th August 2010
Can this be made in advance and reheated?
Yes, it will reheat. You may need to add a little more liquid as it can get rather thick. The Cookit Team
Name: Lily 17th November 2010
@Sam Looks disgusting! Tastes OK though.
Name: Kt 17th November 2010
it tastes well nice to let you now !!
Name: Kiean Shoker 4th October 2011
Name: Lalal 28th June 2012
going to try this 4 my Tudor project!!!
Name: Lucy 20th March 2013
going to try it for homework give me luck.
Name: Lucy 23rd March 2013
going to try this for my tudor project with a friend wish me luck. i will need lots of it!!!!
Name: Millie 9th May 2013
Looks like mushy peas...
Name: Eleni 28th May 2013
EWWWWWWWWWWWW! this is gross! me and my friend made it for a project and it tastes disgusting!!
Name: Melanie 31st July 2013
MUSHY PEAS!!!! YUMMERS I've been looking for this recipe! Thanks :)
Name: Teegan 10th October 2013
Been looking for some nice things to make for my Tudor project, not that appitizing to make, or eat. But lush to eat!
Name: Kalisha 3rd July 2014
eeewwwwww i hate it i feel realy sick now
Name: Alex 13th January 2016
Can this be used as a Tudor project?
Name: ROCKY 4th March 2016
Name: Lori 26th June 2016
Ewww stomach!
Name: Bill Young 19th September 2019
Try as a spread on a
ham sandwich.

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