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Girdle Bread - Comments


Name: Helen 19th January 2012
I suspect you meant griddle not girdle (I see no granny knickers in the ingredients list) lol but nice recipe. Girdle is an early word for what later became called a griddle. Many food and equipment words changed over time like gingered bread to gingerbread or grain to cochineal. We hope this explains the word. The Cookit Team.
Name: Jim 9th April 2012
Helen may be right about Girdle is an early word for what later became called a griddle, she is not correct about the name of this bread. Griddle bread is a different recipe from Girdle bread. See ITV program 16:00 9/4/2012.
Name: Ederaldo 2nd May 2012
Well, since you went ahead and posted my ONE famous recipe, I will leave a comment about the important preparation steps.I always melt the margarine in the microwave, add it to the mixer and then add the baking powder. It causes it to bubble up (not sure if it makes a difference, but I always do it that way). Then I add the sugar, eggs, milk and flour in that order. Thank you for your comment, that's the thing about really good recipes- they have a sneaky way of getting out there. We will give your version a go. The Cookit Team
Name: Taylor Wassmuth 30th September 2014
i like the bread a lot.
Name: Kat 16th May 2015
It looks pretty simple
Name: Ts 4th January 2017
This NOT vegetarian. Eggs, milk and better are Animal derived.

Name: Emma 8th June 2017
This definitely is vegetarian. It's not vegan (and is not listed as such). Most vegetarians are lacto-ovo vegetarians and do eat dairy and eggs.

Looks good!
Name: Emily Davis 15th April 2018
We had a great time making this. The kids actually preferred the poor persons version made with the flour, ale, and water to the rich version with the milk and eggs!

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