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Angel Cake - Comments


Name: Nicole Ackroyd 22nd October 2010
This cake is yummy and fun to make!!
Name: Kelly 4th March 2012
This recipy is great!
Name: Foster 8th December 2012
looks good
Name: Erika 23rd July 2013
My understanding is that before WW2 cakes were usually iced (or frosted, to use the American term). When food rationing was introduced during WW2 icing was banned. So, as this recipe is in the Interwar Years section, it should have icing. Icing and frosting were popular during this period, we found versions with the cake sliced and buttercream added in the centre like a victoria sponge. This particular recipe from a 1930 cookbook was served plain more like a tealoaf. We hope this helps. The Cookit Team.

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