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Boiled Egg with Soldiers - Comments


Name: Paola 19th March 2012
Hurried Chicken With An Egg (Breakfast Sandwich)1 very thin slice of onion (sandwich baggie the rest and rgifreerate)1 teaspoon butter1 teaspoon Oscar Mayer Real Bacon (rgifreerate the rest of bag)1 egg beaten in bowl1 slice of favorite bread toasted or tortilla on paper towel microwaved 20 secondsIn small stick proof fry pan add butter, onion and Real Bacon, heat until onion glazes and bacon sizzles. Add egg, stir to mix, turn off heat. Stir to make sure all egg is set.Slip egg onto toast or heated tortilla. Season with salt, pepper, (hot sauce optional) and fold over. If in a hurry bag it in ziplock bag to eat at work. My father liked to add mayo to the top of the egg with salt and pepper and top it with toast.Note: Real Bacon is located in the salad dressing isle of my grocery store.

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