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The Eggless Cake - Comments


Name: Grace 10th October 2009
Name: Sam 26th November 2009
Name: Keilah 28th November 2009
Made this cake on Friday it's
Name: Joshua 7th December 2009
i like it
Name: Nicola May 15th January 2010
I liked it it tastes quite plain but its actually quite nice
Name: Paige Lansdow 2nd February 2010
it is................... EWWWWWWWWWWWWW that is horribal!!!
Name: Le 7th March 2010
i like it
Name: Mia 7th March 2010
i love it
Name: Barbara 23rd April 2010
It's not the nicest cake, but it is quite nice.
Name: This Cake Looks Great But Tastes RUBBISH But The Thing To Do 26th April 2010
this cake looks great but tastes RUBBISH but the thing to do is make it for fun and something to do with your friends..........

meg 11
Name: Alice 3rd May 2010
This cake is really fun to make and perfect for schools who are celebrating V.E day. It looks and smells lovely but doesn't taste great. I would really recommend making it. Its good fun for everyone.
Name: Sangita 30th May 2010
found this looking at ww2 stuff
Name: Danni 1st September 2010
lovely to make disgusting to eat is it a rationing recipe
Name: Sazera 2nd October 2010
Name: Courtney Graveson 5th October 2010
we havent tried it yet but would love to give it a try
Name: Kyle And Jenny 5th November 2010
we have not tried it yet but we want to.
Name: Bobby Greyhound 5th November 2010
it is lovely
Name: Kyle And Jenny 5th November 2010
it was nice
Name: Savera 12th November 2010
it was mind blowing
Name: Megan 14th November 2010
this recipe is very traditional and tastes delicious.
Name: Yummy Cake 22nd November 2010
Wow! It looks very tasty im putting it in my Recipe book I am making.
Name: Kyle 3rd January 2011
looks scrumptious
Name: Amber 13th January 2011
i am making this for my homework at lokks perfect and my class will love it!
Name: Niyaman 27th January 2011
I am doin this for my homework it looks yummy
Name: Cam 3rd February 2011
making for homework minus the fruit looks yum
Name: Matthew 6th February 2011
i am doing world war 2 at school and we can take in to school a recipe from the war and i think i will have this one
Name: Bob 14th February 2011
it looks nice
Name: Karman 16th March 2011
heyya this recipe has a slight problem because when i finished and took it out of the oven it was very burnt.
i set the cooking time for 1hr 30 min.
We are sorry your cake didn't cook well. What kind of oven were you using and at what temperature? Was the cake on the middle shelf? The Cookit Team.
Name: Rachel 15th April 2011
It looks yummy,i have to write down a recipe for homework and it has to be world war 2.So i'm going to write this recipe and maybe try it sometime.
Name: Bobaran 2nd May 2011
This looks yummy amma try to make this for my class. My teacher loves projects that have to do with food, an am sure everybody will love to try some.
Name: Sam W 13th June 2011
Name: Izzy 15th June 2011
this is a great recipe, for my homework i had to make a wwii recipe this is my best option
Name: Lizzy 18th June 2011
i tried makeing it i failed my cake was burnt and manky We are sorry your cake didn't work out well. I wonder if the oven was a little hot or if the cake was too high in the oven? If you have an oven with a fan, it would cook things faster too. It sounds like the cake cooked too quickly, with the inside not cooking all the way through and the outside burning. We hope this helps. The Cookit Team
Name: William P 6th July 2011
I had to bake these cake for my history homework on WW2 recipes. Everyone in my said it was very tasty including my teacher.
Name: Niamh 11th October 2011
Great to make but I suggest if you use golden syrup instead of margarine and drizzle before putting in the cake and sprinkle it with sugar. MINUS THE FRUIT This is an interesting modern update of our wartime recipe. Of course at the time of this recipe sugar was rationed and syrup too, which is why sweetener and fruit were added in the original to make up for the lack of sugar. Thanks for sending your suggestion. The Cookit Team.
Name: Olivia O 11th October 2011
I LOVED it but its probably because I ended up just making my own recipe.MINUS THE FRUIT!!!!!!
Name: Connor 19th October 2011
i think it was very clever
Name: Shannon X 21st November 2011
I loved it even though i did it at school with the teacher (strict)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Shannon Loves Cakes 21st November 2011
doing this 4 my homework hope that it goes well coz having a compition and i no that i will win it! Why dont u all try having ago! Oh and i will be cutting out the fruit i hate this fruit and i daresent put something els in coz it will just go rong so i will do it plain!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Chloe 29th November 2011
i enjoyed it and everyone in my class did to!
Name: Mika 11th December 2011
It rocks :)
i done this for homework :D
Name: 12th December 2011
this better be good i am doing it for a class party
Name: Jasmine 14th December 2011
We did this in class but it didn't turn out well XP If you let us know what was wrong, we might be able to offer some advice for next time. Sorry your cake wasn't a good as you hoped. The Cookit Team
Name: Tabby 19th December 2011
Gonna try this recipe soon coz it looks fab!
Name: LJ 19th December 2011
I make this cake regularly for my son, who is allergic to eggs. It's awesome!
Name: Aj 16th January 2012
cool awsome.........EVERYTHING BRILLIANT in one bowl
Name: Cb 26th January 2012
the cake was great for my kids world war 2 progect.
Name: Zinxy 6th March 2012
One word.....DELICIOUS
Name: Emma 14th March 2012
making it for homework looks nice but not try it!!!!!!!!!
Name: Millies 30th April 2012
My class are having a ww2 proget and I'm in the tea room so I will hope this will work if we make it fingers crossed and it looks like a ww2 thing anyway :)
Name: Angel 9th May 2012
what gas mark do i cook it on You want a moderate oven, about Gas Mark 4. The Cookit Team
Name: Robbie 23rd May 2012
im doing this for hw project about ww2 but i wont try it...or shall i?
Name: Salls 30th September 2012
We are cooking ww2 recipies for homework but we have to bring it in for the whole class to try. So does this actually taste nice?
Name: Teigan 3rd October 2012
ive tryed this yummmmmm
Name: Izzy 12th October 2012
my homework too but i still dont know what to do!
Name: Kathryn 17th October 2012
i am cooking this for a project about WW2 at my school and i am going to bring it in, so i hope it tastes nice.
Name: Noor 21st October 2012
We made this cake at school at it tasted yum so I want o make it at home so my family can try it. Why not let us know what they thought? We love to hear what people think. The Cookit Team.
Name: Amy 24th October 2012
im making it with my dad and then im bringing it in to school for my homework.
Name: Phoebe 11th November 2012
I am making this cake at home with my mom for my ww2 project homework and i am going to take it to school tomorrow so i will let you know what they think!!
Name: Andrea 28th November 2012
I have made this cake for my son's WW2 project for school, and have substituted milk for soya milk and used vitalite to make an egg and milk free cake, it tastes great and am making another one by request.
Name: Anouska 5th December 2012
I am going to make this and i hope it works!
Name: Mia Webb 22nd January 2013
I had fun making this cake. I am taking it in to school for my homework, it look's delicious, I hope everyone enjoys it.
Name: Julia Szabelska 31st January 2013
i am using this recipe for my project. i also hope to make it. did people in ww2 have saccharin? Saccharin was invented in 1878, during World War One it became quite popular due to sugar shortages and again during World War Two. It has been classified and declassified as a suitable foodstuff several times and in 2000 it was declared a 'safe' sugar alternative in the USA.
Name: Sophie 4th February 2013
Name: Emma Sturrock 5th February 2013
Name: WartimeRecipes 19th February 2013
I had to use this for school and its great!
Name: Cayley 26th February 2013
Name: SHORTY 12th March 2013
this is weird but cool
Name: WW2 Project 18th April 2013
So, it looks good. Should I risk making it for the very first time as a school project for history on WW2/VE-Day? This has been a popular choice for schools and the comments have been very positive. Why not give it a try and let us know.The Cookit Team
Name: Harry Baker 7th May 2013
This cake was so cool i think my mummy likes it. I like the lumpy bits on my tounge ummmmmmmm cake !
Name: Ww2 11th May 2013
tasted horrible ewww
Name: JOHNHAYNISH583 15th July 2013
issa yum yum cake.
JOhn H
Name: Lucy 17th September 2013
cant wait to make it
Name: Ibol 5th October 2013
Looks weird inside
Name: Becky 24th October 2013
Can't wait to make this for my homework!
Name: Bob 27th November 2013
my teacher will love this!
Name: Beth 7th December 2013
Can u add chocolate or anything simlar???
Name: Zara 6th January 2014
Only 9 going to make it in school
Name: Curlywurly 6th January 2014
Only 9 going to make it in school
Name: Tracy 12th January 2014
Need to try this for my homework!
Name: Chloe Thomas 14th January 2014
Can't wait to make this and take to school cause coin ww2
Name: Lucy 18th January 2014
I can't wait to make it for my homework
Name: Mia Crowther 10th February 2014
making it 4 homework after dinner cant wait :)
Name: Caitlin 11th February 2014
Trying it out for my home work !!
Name: Emma Humphreys 13th February 2014
good recipe hopeing to complete in hoildays.

Name: Tom Mallarini 21st February 2014
Just made this cake with my mum for my holiday project for school. I am 9 years old and enjoyed making this. It was quick and simple to make.
Name: Fabian 6th March 2014
its very good did it for my project :)
Name: Levina Bromwich 19th March 2014
Really looking forward to making this on Sunday for my history project, I'm 13 years old as well so I'm in year 9 so this project means a lot and I'm so glad I found this website! X
Name: Sophia 29th April 2014
this cake was easy to make
Name: Bernadette Clayton 3rd June 2014
Hope to make this cake
Name: Cian 4th June 2014
Name: Fernando Gray 24th June 2014
Me and Katie enjoyed our cake and are looking forward to having it with my soon to be son mole.
Thanks for the recipe :) delicious
Name: Johnathon 24th June 2014
im Johnathon and i approve this cake
Name: Bob 25th June 2014
Hmm Tasty
Name: History Group 17th July 2014
We were looking for foods to make in History from rationed WW2 foods. This was good although we didnt make it really
Name: Liam 12th October 2014
My Nan said it will probably collapse without eggs and she is a very great cook so I am not sure how to believe this recipe.
Name: Ruby L-T 15th October 2014
Deffenetly going to try it
Name: Ethan 21st October 2014
really nice
Name: Meghan 1st November 2014
I'm doing a really fun project on conflict but mainly on WW2 and this recipe is going to be really fun to make.
Name: Ashley 10th November 2014
it is ok for me
Name: Grace Williams 23rd November 2014
Name: Denise 27th November 2014
We made this cake when doing a whole class cookery class to finish the topic of WW2. The children enjoyed making it. They were surprised it was so moist and tasty. Some have asked for the recipe to cook it at home.
Name: I Love Ww2 7th December 2014
I have used this recipe to make a booklet for my homework!!!!!
Name: Kiki 11th January 2015
i enjoyed making it yummy in my tummy
Name: Emma Speers 19th January 2015
The recipe calls for saccharin but i cant find in uk, are these just sweeteners please? (Yes they are - The Cookit Team)
Name: Ph 28th January 2015
Is it nice?
Name: Sharon 28th January 2015
What would you recommend as an alternative to saccharin and how much should we use? I can't find saccharin in the shops here. Thanks
Name: Anna 7th April 2015
where did this recipe originate from? (germany, france ect.)
Name: Kerry 21st April 2015
I made this with my Priamry 7 class. Was a great success, kids loved it! Thanks!
Name: Brendon Hold 14th May 2015
I baked it and was lovely (170 for some cookers).
Name: Kim 17th May 2015
great recipe we enjoyed it very much
Name: Kennady 18th May 2015
Name: Joseph 28th June 2015
I baked this with my kids, they loved it and so do I!
Name: Reyna 17th September 2015
Lovely recipe- going to use for my WW2 project!
Name: Hi 18th October 2015
hi i l uv ur recipie
Name: Steve 22nd October 2015
Fantastic and popular recipe. Made it for my Dad who has an egg allergy. Can change basic recipe and add sherry for an egg free alternative to Christmas cake.
Name: Ellie557 4th November 2015
Perfect for ww2 homework.
I only used saltunas for the fruit.
33 people tried it but only 1 person did not like it
Name: Fgsdfg 11th November 2015
Very good
Name: Ebony 16th November 2015
got to make a ww2 recipe for homework at school and this is perfect cant wait to make it the weekend
Name: Happy101 19th November 2015
It was really good as I had ww2 homework and surprisingly I liked the fruit in it!
Name: Bhavani 20th November 2015
i love this website
Name: Shanine 31st January 2016
Making this now for school homework πŸ˜„ Just put it in the oven and can't wait to taste it πŸ˜‹ 🍰
Name: Kalea 8th February 2016
Love it got a project in school
Name: Skull 14th February 2016
Is this a good recipe I am doing it for ww2 project
Name: Scarlett Ella Fluth 1st March 2016
i am doing this for a project would my class find it nice
Name: Charlotte 16th March 2016
Good recipe for my homework but doesn't sound very nice😬😬 xx
Name: Draven Pearson 2nd May 2016
This looks good for a project for ww2 looks good to eat
Name: Lucy 9th May 2016
Glad I don't have to eat mine
Name: Elliott 15th June 2016
this cake looks nice
Name: This Was Ok But.. 7th July 2016
I tried it once, it wasn't too bad. i added chocolate instead of the fruit and it was nicer.
Name: Fred 11th September 2016
very nice
Name: Daisy 19th September 2016
Awkward looking cake πŸŽ‚πŸ˜‚πŸ“±πŸ’»πŸ“πŸ’œπŸ”ŸπŸ’¬πŸ’­πŸ—―
Name: AMARI 1st October 2016
Name: Connorcrowther 3rd October 2016
It looks so yummy
Name: Musa 18th October 2016
I'm doing this meal for my homework!
Name: Finley 26th October 2016
This is very amazing our topic this year is world war 2 and this is very fun to make ( yum)
Name: Lily 56 29th October 2016
It looks yummy,i have to write down a recipe for homework and it has to be world war 2.So i'm going to write this recipe and maybe try it sometime.
Name: Dom 30th October 2016
I love it I'm doing it for my home work
Name: Kevin 5th November 2016
love it
Name: Deepi 16th November 2016
Hi there,

The recipie states about using Saccharin, I would prefer to use normal sugar- how much would I use?
Kind regards
Deepi Gill
Name: Lm 17th November 2016
Name: Oscar 19th November 2016
This is great, I am using it for home work
Do you think you could use chocolate chips instead of fruit?
Name: Dan 20th November 2016
I can`t wait until I try it and my class is going to try it as well
Name: Evie 20th November 2016
This website really helps me with my homework.
Name: Jake 21st November 2016
best thing in the world as my topic is ww2 eggs were rationed thanks
Name: Jess 2nd December 2016
Along with my homework it helps me with my topic and my work
Name: Lara 7th December 2016
This really helps me :)
Name: Alex 7th February 2017
it sounds realistic
Name: Charley 13th March 2017
I have made this it was the best thing I have ever had
Name: Matthew 15th March 2017
Sounds nice
Name: Iman 22nd March 2017
This helps me with homework
Name: Lucy 15th April 2017
it was ok exept the fruit bit
Name: Morenike 30th April 2017
this is helping me with my homework but doesn't sound very nice but oh well.
Name: Ethan 29th May 2017
This really helped with homework nicely set out
Name: Zara 1st June 2017
i have to BAKE THIS!!!
Name: Cake In Delhi 6th June 2017
This is fantastic! Not only tasty but so quick and easy to make.
Name: 12th June 2017
Great Eggless Cake recipe. I made this for a family cake. Wow! It was delicious.Thanks for sharing good cake recipe.
Name: Margaret 19th July 2017
I believe this is the recipe I have been looking for for years my mum use to make this for me she never measured anything and we would eat it right out of the oven while it was warm. It brings back so many good memories. Love the cake
Name: Ranjan 1st October 2017
I tried a similar cake by fund raising event by Ssafa. It was great.
The lady advised me that this was ww2 recipe. I am going to try this as I am always looking for eggless cakes recipes. Thanks. πŸ˜€
Name: Alex 8th October 2017
really helpful
Name: Kt09785 10th October 2017
looks good so far
Name: Elliot 6th February 2018
it was the best thing i ever tasted even thow it was made in ww2 i still loved .it 5 stars
Name: Lena 10th February 2018
I've tasted it . it is nice
Name: Hfmfkfn 10th March 2018
It is scrumptious
Name: Maraia Namata 16th September 2018
Name: Annonamous 7th October 2018
had to do this for a test
got an a
Name: John 7th October 2018
Very yummy
Name: Richard Cannon 20th October 2018
I like it
Name: Poppy 25th October 2018
I have made it all by myself and it turned very nice I'm only 9
Name: Annabelle 24th November 2018
Very nice

Name: Abi 4th December 2018
The cake was my wartime favorite i mad if by my self and I'm only 10 years old.
Name: Emma 6th February 2019
I loved it and I made it myself and I am only 8
Name: Airial 6th February 2019
Name: Llanfaes C.P School 19th February 2019
it is yummy

Name: Paige 28th February 2019
Cant wait to make it! its for a school project!!!
Name: Lauren 21st March 2019
cool I guess
Name: Ella 28th June 2019
I am doing this for a history project. hopefully my class will like it! We have to bake something on rations, and this sounds WAY better than the vinager cake which was suggested.
Name: Alyssa 15th October 2019
Cool cake
Name: Jam 19th October 2019
I love this I cant wait to make this ;D
Name: Pewdiepie 19th October 2019
Name: Aariz 19th October 2019
I love it! it was so tasty!

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