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Syrup Loaf - Comments


Name: Nabeela Pathan 27th December 2009
i loved this sooo much
Name: Katriona Taylor 5th January 2010
Name: Rachel Ford 9th January 2010
its amaing!!
Name: Megan Picken 19th January 2010
I think it was yummy!!!!
Name: Alex Henfrey 29th January 2010
Did you know sugar, egg and butter were rationed in the war so people had to invent new recipes that did not include these items.
It's easy and fun try it at home
Name: Lourenco Faria Maia 9th February 2010
It is good but not sweet
Name: Ji Yeon Lee 9th February 2010
It was yummy.I like world war 2 foods
Name: Selin Cetin 9th February 2010
Name: Ethan Okane 9th February 2010
It was amazingly cool!!
Name: Atakan Osman Çoban 9th February 2010
well honestly it tasted quit like a mixture of bread and sugar
Name: Neyomi Kılıçoğu 9th February 2010
I think it was fandabydozy! Including the bits in the middle. Anyway my point is that I love syrup loaf. I just can't describe it it's tooooo yummy for words!
Name: Ji Yeon Lee 9th February 2010
It was yummy.I like it.
Name: Kaan 9th February 2010
Best in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Ms Goudy 10th February 2010
easy to make ..easy to eat
Name: Michal 23rd February 2010
Name: Ella 24th February 2010
I liked this so much, i'm using it for a project i'm doing at school!!!
Name: Sindey 1st March 2010 thing i have ever tasted man.
Name: Val 7th March 2010
what temperature do i put the oven on, would 350oF be okay?
Name: Vicki 29th March 2010
me2 ella, its on ww2, ima get a good grade now; tanksssss :)
Name: Abi 28th May 2010
Same here, iv got to bring in some world war 2 foods and think this one might be a good idea...think ill test it out first tho...just to be sure it wont poison all my class mates ahaa
Name: Chloe And Issie 9th June 2010
very syrupy lovely a little more tasyyy
Name: Tia 9th June 2010
very syrupy lovely taste, not milk with the water, better with the milk by itself
Name: Sarah 7th July 2010
What temperature is moderately hot? about 180C?
This recipe was taken from an original, moderately hot is 205-220C, 400-425F or Gas 6-7. We will add this to the recipe for clarity too. Thanks. The Cookit Team.
Name: Talia 14th July 2010
does anyone know how many people it serves?
Name: Lucy 30th September 2010
This syrup loaf sounds great, me and my class are doing a topic on WW2 and this recipe is great for me to make and share with the class. People who make this will enjoy doing it as well. There should be many more recipes like this on the internet because this is what people want!!! Thanks to whoever put this recipe on the internet, it couldn't have been better!
Name: Lucy 26th October 2010
Easy to make and looked great but I think it needed a bit more flavour - I,m going to make it again and add some grated apple which wasn't rationed to sweeten it up a bit.
Name: Megan Griffiths! 27th October 2010
I have not made it yet but I would like to know the temperature!!!!
Name: Alycia Carroll 14th November 2010
this was brill i'm not making it but the recipe is so simple xx // this is going to be the best piece of homework evar
Name: Kirstin 23rd November 2010
i have made this and it tastes gr8 i luved it !! xxx
Name: Cory Fellows 8th December 2010
This Is For My History Homework And My Teacher Will Love This !!! Thanks (:
Name: Unknown 13th January 2011
This is for my world war 2 topic at school. thanks for the recipe!!
Name: Jess 14th January 2011
hey, this is for my world war2 homework. hope my teachers and kids at headley park primrey school. xxx
Name: Melanie Rodrigues 2nd February 2011
I tried this recipe.My class at ST.CECILIAS enjoyed it.
Name: Molly 3rd February 2011
this is for my ww2 homework thanks for the recipe ( :
Name: Andrew 10th March 2011
mmm...syrup loaf. Lovely
Name: Charleigh 16th March 2011
at school we are learning about recapies and today we made syrup loafs and followed your instructions it was great thank you
Name: Kowshi Varatharajna 31st March 2011
This is for my World war two topic homework and this has helped me a lot thank for the recipe
Name: Abby 17th April 2011
Yum! Looks great!
Name: John 26th May 2011
it is great
Name: Joshua 7th June 2011
It was really usefull as i'm doing WW2 topic
Name: Alan 23rd June 2011
it was amazimly colourful
Name: Momo 4th October 2011
its cool
Name: Bluber 12th October 2011
Name: Kate 17th October 2011
it was great!!!!!!!!!
Name: Mairi 26th October 2011
I made this for my WW2 homework im desperate to try it! :)
Name: Elizabeth Moulding 31st October 2011
brilliant!!!!!! Made it at school!!!!Everyone loved it!!!!!!
Name: Nick 11th November 2011
umm... yum and yummy!!
Name: Laila 13th November 2011
I loved it its great for picnics and gives you a
smell of spring

ps: great for baking and is a good snack
Name: Nathan 10th December 2011
i wanna make them!
Name: Cameron 12th January 2012
This looks... rather nice, actually.
Name: Ismail 25th January 2012
great with butter!
Name: Qman 1st February 2012
my family are doing a project where we eat a meal from each period. we are up to ww2 and this looks good for dessert This has been a very popular choice with users. We hope you enjoy it. What a great idea to try food from lots of periods through history. Why not let us know your favourite? The Cookit Team
Name: Indie 12th February 2012
Name: Gerardo 20th February 2012
I would be interested in in your collection also Teresa, Haven't had a started since the 80 s but have been toying with the idea of starting one again. I had a campfire cookbook with recipes in it at one time but have since lost it.
Name: Nicole 2nd March 2012
they make you happy
Name: Jen 22nd May 2012
Thanx -- Helped a lot!! Just hope my class like it now! :P
Name: Lauren 29th September 2012
looks good! easy recipe :)
Name: Hezna 2nd October 2012
Name: Bryant 31st October 2012
YUM YUM!!! ;p
Name: Kiara 4th November 2012
very good hope my class like it !!
Name: Tegan 25th November 2012
i love it!!
Name: Lala 9th December 2012
Name: Samia 22nd January 2013
My year group in school did this recipe and it was yummy
Name: Alice 27th February 2013
I going to try this recipie because all the comments say this recipie is AMAZING!!!!!
Name: Alice 27th February 2013
I am going to make this recipe for my homework this week because everyone said its so great on the comments and hope my school mates will love it too!!
Name: Ceridwen 13th March 2013
Lovely jubly
Name: Riley 23rd March 2013
Me and my mum made this cake for my school project . We're learning about world war 2 and we had to bake something that people would have baked during the war . This was very easy and has turned out well .
Riley , aged 10
Name: Himani 25th March 2013
at school everyone loved this recipe it is amazing
Name: Lauren Mckee 9th April 2013
appalutely billannt
Name: Elliot 28th April 2013
Brilliant! I loved it
Name: AJJ 29th May 2013
What temperature do you heat the syrup and milk to? You heat the milk just enough to melt the syrup so it combines with the milk. Do not boil the milk, it should be warmed. Hope this helps. The Cookit Team.
Name: Talia 29th October 2013
I made this at school for a project with my friends and we all said that is gorgeous and that we were going to make it again at home!!!!
I made it at home and my parents loved it too they said they would eat it any day!!!!!
Name: Beth 13th November 2013
Will defo try this for my school project
Name: AZIA 2nd December 2013
totes loving this recipe gonna try this for ma school project
Name: Savannaten1 9th December 2013
i need this for solider food to try in school
Name: Ben 12th December 2013
I loved this recipe, and will bring in for my school project. YUMMY!
Name: Courtney 12th January 2014
yes I am going to make this for my school project it is going to be great and scrummy in my tummy!
Name: Claro 22nd January 2014
it helped me in my ww2 project
Name: Claro 22nd January 2014
it looks sooooo nice
Name: Josh 23rd February 2014
I highly reacoment this lovely recipe for people who like to cook and try different recipes. :)
Name: Annabelle Lenton 26th March 2014
This recipe help with my ww2 history project.
However I do not think it looks as tasty as the recipes we used today. Given the ingredients it looks good and completed my project on a good note.
Name: Aimee Jay 1st April 2014
I think its really good and helped me a lot with my ww2 project hopefully you like it when you have tryed it
Name: Serena Mistry 4th April 2014
This is so delicious!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Awsomegal2000 1st May 2014
mine seems a bit tough.....
Name: Karen Facer 23rd June 2014
Let's try this for my sons ww2 homework seems something he can do let u know later what it is like
Name: RGRD 13th October 2014
Name: Batman 14th January 2015
thats a lot of work
Name: Xxxxx 29th January 2015
It was delicious
Name: Xslayer 22nd February 2015
was so dam delicious man!!!!!!!
Name: Lily 1st March 2015
So much work, but worth it!!!
Name: Cameron2.0 2nd March 2015
I cant wait to make it in 10 minutes
Name: Sophie Jones 15th September 2015
hard to make but was so tasty and delicious. U should try it ASAP!
Name: Karen Graham 3rd November 2015
This is absolutely amazing my 10 year old daughter has just knocked 2 of these loafs in under 40 minutes for her school homework. Thank you so much for posting this item.
Name: Romana 5th November 2015
Easy to make and different in taste.😋
Name: Joanna 15th November 2015
Easy to make so tasty
Name: Erin Stephen 24th November 2015
Thank you so much whoever posted this recipe it is nice easy to make and enjoyable my daughter is going to have a great ww2 evacuee day because of this food she's already scoffed 3 loafs
Name: Emily 5th December 2015
delicious and so easy to make
Name: Scarlet Smith 24th January 2016
Amazing how quickly it was cooked
Name: Niomi Shepard 11th February 2016
Just put mines in the oven can't wait to see how it turns out🙂
Name: Ali 21st September 2016
Name: Leah 9th October 2016
awesome creation helped my daughter make it for her school project ww2
delicious im sure I will visit this site quite a lot looking at all these delicious recipes
Name: Jack McIntyre 18th November 2016
very tasty
Name: Ellie 12th March 2017
I love this I think the middle is the best! I think it could do with a bit more syrup though. Over all it was gr8 and if you haven't already tried it you should ASAP!!!
Name: Ellie 12th March 2017
This will be for my wwII prodject thanks now i will get to go out to break , no detention 4 me 😌☺️😃
Name: Tango 14th March 2017
I am definitely going to try this out
Name: Lucy 15th March 2017
Wow it works really well so tasty and simple
Name: Bella 14th June 2017
Using this for a history club competition. Definitely going to win now!;)
Name: Rona 23rd September 2017
i loved it
Name: Loliplopster 25th September 2017
So trying this out for school!! Not actually meant to bring in food but oh well!!😈😈☺☺
Name: Alex 9th October 2017
trying this out for school bringing it in class
Name: Mikah 11th December 2017
its good
Name: Rixy_Wolf 13th December 2017
Name: Griezmann 30th January 2018
Discussing do not try it uh
Name: Amanda 18th March 2018
Delicious and my children loved it too
Name: Daisie Murray 20th June 2018
Do you have to use baking soda
Name: Clara 25th September 2018
this food was amazing i am doing it for my school project and all the people loved it.its not that sweet but still delicious. yummy yummy.
Name: Abby 23rd October 2018
I💘💛💜💚❤️It so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Jordan 10th December 2018
This was AMAZING!!! I LOVE this and my mother even makes this for pudding!!! Yummy 😋
Name: Paige 13th December 2018
Sounds delicious is delicious and looks delicious and all my friends at school loved it because it is not to sweet but not to bland and is also simple to make! I ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗 I cant get enough of it!
Name: Mia 13th January 2019
I made it for a school project on world war 2.
Nice but a bit plain.
Name: Evelyne 13th April 2019
Absolutely amazing, made it at school making it over the Easter hols
Name: Talan 17th September 2019
I loved it so much! I made it for homework for school! Delicious and amazing. Even though this may be a rationing recipe, I will definitely make it again!!! 😁❤️🧡💛💚💙💜😁
Name: Emma 20th September 2019
It was nice I used it for our world war 2 topic but we had to add 4 oz of syrup!
Name: Gracie 8th October 2019
Amazing idea
Name: Faith 10th November 2019
This recipient was very useful as I needed something for a homework idea and since I’m in love with cooking and baking I thought oh wow what a simple and accurate thing .

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