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History Cookbook: Making Fire - Paleolithic

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  • Making fire
    Making fire
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The ability to make and control fire was extremely important in Paleolithic times.  Fire allowed people to cook their food. This made it possible to eat a much larger range of plants and animals, including many too tough to be eaten raw. The use of tools and fire, to keep warm, allowed humans to venture into colder climates.  This video shows how fire was made in the Paleolithic period.

Fire is dangerous Fire is VERY dangerous and hard to control and fires should never be lit in the countryside. This video is to illustrate the importance of fire and how people lived. The actions in this video should NOT be copied.

For more images see our Fire making picture gallery

With thanks to Steve and Jo Parish  of Past Alive for their help with this podcast

Making Fire - Paleolithic - print view  Making Fire - Paleolithic - print view

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Name: Katty 28th May 2017
Awesome & cool its more interesting
Name: Patrick Brett 11th February 2015
Thank you so much for putting this on here, that is another way to start fire that I had never seen before!

I already know about Bow Drill and Hand Drill fire starting as well as Flint and Steel and Ferro rods this method will be saved in my head and taken with me wherever I go from now on :D
Name: Megan & Mum 10th March 2012
Awesome & cool! I wish I could do that!
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