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History Cookbook: Saxon Meal

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  • Saxon Meal
    Saxon Meal
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Saxon farmers and Viking settlers would have eaten their main meal in the evening after the day's work was done. Cured meat, such as ham, would be available occasionally. Mostly there was a kind of stew or thick soup made from wide range of vegetables, both cultivated and gathered, and bread - a very popular food. In fact, the diet was generally wholesome.

At feast times, people would enjoy listening to minstrels playing pipes or lyres and bards telling tales of great warriors. Hear a tale of Beowulf at this Saxon meal.

For images of the cooking process see our Saxon Meal Preparation Pictures.

With thanks to Steve and Jo Parish  of Past Alive for their help with this podcast.

Saxon Meal - print view  Saxon Meal - print view

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Name: Donna Joslyn 10th December 2014
The sound is so low I can't hear it, and I don't see where I can turn it up. It is set to the highest sound on my mac. It began slightly softly, and then dropped way off. Help?
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