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History Cookbook: Year Old Salt Pork

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Keeping meat fresh before refrigeration and freezing could be challenging. This piece of pork has been 'pickled', this is the georgian description of salting. The meat is rubbed with salt and then a very salty brine is made. This brine contained salt petre, this is toxic and SHOULD NOT be used. The meat was stored pushed under the brine. It was important to save as much food as possible for the winter and very little was wasted. The meat could be removed and pieces cut off to cook. Salty meat needs plenty of soaking to remove the salt. The meat can be very bland after soaking.
  • 2 gallons pump water
  • 1 lb bay (sea) salt
  • boned joints of pork
  • salt petre (this is TOXIC, DO NOT USE IT)
  • 2 lb common salt
  • Weighing scales
  • Large measuring jug or bucket
  • Weight
Making and cooking it
Always wash your hands before preparing food Always wash your hands before preparing food.

  1. Rub the meat well with common salt
  2. Boil the water and salt
  3. Lay the meat in close (in the barrel or tub) and pour the liquor over it
  4. Lay a weight on it (the meat) to keep it close from air
  5. It will be fit to use in a week
  6. If you find it begins to spoil, boil it again and pour it on your pork again
Year Old Salt Pork - print view  Year Old Salt Pork - print view

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Name: Aananya 27th November 2015
No, I wouldn't like to try that :/
Name: Jack Faulkner 23rd February 2012
Saltpetre is still used in many professional kitchens, Ive used it in terrines. It's a question of good guidance and knowing what you're doing.
Name: James Anderson 16th November 2011
Ace recipe
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