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Gary Rhodes on Cookit

Gary Rhodes

Chef, restaurateur, celebrity and author Gary Rhodes dropped in on Cookit. Here's what he had to say:

"My first impressions tell me this website has the perfect approach. It is lively and colourful and with the bonus of healthy results - that for me is the perfect balance to entice and excite children into cooking and eating healthily. This website will not only open children's eyes, but also their palates to some of the simplest of foods that require little effort but give maximum flavour.

For me, a culinary education for children is without doubt the greatest course that can be offered to the young. This will change their approach to their own personal eating habits, and their life too. The dinner table is the greatest social point in the world, and this project will help make sure that children are always around it."

See some of Gary's recipes on the website: You can find out more about Gary Rhodes on his website.

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