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This page contains a glossary of words and phrases which you may find on this website, along with their explanations.

A water temperature that is obtained by adding two parts cold water to one part boiling water.
Testing is making sure that food is properly cooked and ready to eat. It is usually done by putting a sharp knife into the food (vegetable or meat) and feeling the amount of resistance (i.e. how easily the knife enters the food). For meat the knife is put into the thickest part of the meat. When testing, for example, chicken, the juices are allowed to run down the blade. If the juice is completely pale and clear, the chicken is cooked through. If there are pinkish bubbles in the juice it needs to cook a little longer. Lots of pink or reddish bubbles - it needs a lot more more cooking to be ready. It's important to test that meat is done, as undercooked meat may contain germs or harmful bacterial that cause upset stomachs.
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Thawing is defrosting frozen food until it is completely unfrozen so that it is ready to cook. Proper thawing is very important to ensuring that food is properly and evenly cooked.
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Adding an ingredient such as cornflour to a stew, sauce, gravy or soup and heating, whilst stirring with a spoon, until it is thick enough to coat the spoon.
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A calibrated devices used for measuring and signalling the end of time intervals. Traditional egg timers consist of a sandglass that runs for three minutes; used to time the boiling of eggs. Other timers are mechanical devices that wind down as the time passes or may be electrical clocks that can be set on stoves or cookers.
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To heat and brown by placing in a toaster or an oven grill close to a flame or fire.
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A small electric kitchen appliance designed to toast bread products. A typical modern two-slice toaster uses between 600 and 1200 W and makes toast in 1 to 3 minutes.
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A gripping and lifting tool, of which there are many forms adapted to their specific use.
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Top and tail:
Removing both ends of the vegetable i.e the end that was joined to the stalk and also the tip of the vegetable.
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A thin Mexican flat bread made with cornmeal or flour.
To throw the food with a light motion, often used for salads to make sure the dressing and components of the salad are distributed evenly.
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A rare back, white or occsaioanlly red fungus that grown undergound. It is mainly used for garnishing and decoration.
To tie or skewer poultry or game into a more compact shape.
A small sweet or savoury pastry made on a flat baking tray by folding a square or a round shape into a triangle or semi-circle.

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