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This page contains a glossary of words and phrases which you may find on this website, along with their explanations.

Cubes of meat and vegetables marinated and cooked on a skewer.
A tomato based sauce preserved with vinegar and spices.
A container with a handle and spout, for boiling water.
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Kilner jars & French kilner jars:
A Kilner jar is a rubber-sealed, screw-topped jar used for the storage of food, named after their British inventor, - John Kilner. French kilner jars are similar but have a metal hinge and a rubber seal rather than a screw top. Kilner jars are used for storing and preserving home-made jams, marmalades and other relishes. They are also used for pickling food such as eggs, onions and garlic.
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To work bread dough (using the base of the palm of the hands) on a board, so that is becomes smooth and elastic.
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A cutting edge or blade, handheld or otherwise. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and have many uses in cooking and food preparation.
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Fortune Cookies
Write your fortunes/messages on strips of white paper about 10cm by 1.5cmPreheat the oven to...