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This page contains a glossary of words and phrases which you may find on this website, along with their explanations.

To separate cooked fish into individual flakes. To make close horizontal cuts with a knife in the edge of pastry.
A dish flavoured with flamed alcohol, usually brandy or sherry.
A tart (sponge of pastry) filled with custard, fruit, etc., or with a savory mixture
Flan tin:
A wide flat tin made in various sizes up to around 10 Inches. Flan tins can have both fluted or plain sides can be made in foil metal or ceramics. The metal tins are usually non-stick and loose based to the flan can easier be removed.
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Flour dredger or shaker:
A metal, plastic or china pot with a perforated top for sifting or dredging flour, icing sugar or cocoa onto food or a surface. Flour is shaken or dredged onto a board or surface before rolling out pastry for example.
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To make indentations into food, particuarly pastry, to decorate it.
Fold in:
To mix an ingredient in gently, using a spatula or wooden spoon, so that any air in the mixture is not removed.
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A sauce dish cooked at the table over a small heater, into which small pieces of food, such as bread or cheese, can be dipped.
Food Processor:
An electric cooking appliance that has a container and a number of different removable revolving blades, which allows food to be cut, sliced, shredded, blended, beaten or liquidised in the container automatically, depending on which of the blades is selected. Food processors are similar to blenders, except that they use interchangeable blades and attachments, instead of a fixed blades. The bowl is also much wider and shorter, and therefore better for containing the solid or semi-solid foods usually worked in a food processor. Little or no liquid is required to operate the food processor, unlike a blender, which requires some amount of liquid to move the particles around its blade.
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A fork is a tool consisting of a handle with several narrow prongs or tines (usually between two and four). It is usually metal and can be used for beating or lifting food during cooking, for serving and for eating. There are many types of fork including special forks for desserts, salads, relish as well as meat forks to assist with the serving of meat.
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To preserve food by storing it at tempreatures below 0 c or 32 f.
A device (usually electric) which maintains a temperature below the freezing point of water. It has a thermally insulated compartment and a heat pump that transfers heat from it to the external environment. It is used to freeze food to keep it fresh until required for use.
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A white stew of chicken, rabbit or veal, made with cream of egg yolks.
A batter coated food that has been deep fried until crisp
To cook a food in hot oil or fat. Shallow frying uses a small quantity of fat in a shallow pan. The food is turned so that all sides are evenly cooked. Deep frying is when the food is fully immersed in the oil or fat using a deeper pan.
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Frying Pan:
Frying pans are generally made of metal and provide a large flat heating surface and shallow sides, suitable for frying food. Grill pans are frypans that are ribbed, to let fat drain away from the food being cooked. There are various sizes and they are generally measured by diameter. Most have nonstick coatings (such as Teflon) on their inner side and need care when clearning to ensure this is not damaged by abrasive cleaners.
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