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This page contains a glossary of words and phrases which you may find on this website, along with their explanations.

Removing the seed or pips from fruits or vegetables such as peppers.
De-seed - pictures
De-seed - podcasts
De-stalking or hulling is simply removing the stalks from fruit and vegetables before using them in cooking or eating them.
De-stalk - pictures
De-stalk - podcasts
Removing the stones from fruits such as plums and apricots before using in cooking or before eating.
De-stone - pictures
De-stone - podcasts
Seasoned with a sharp sauce and grilled or fried.
To cut food into small blocks. This may be done to make it look good or to ensure even cooking. The small pieces of food also allow the spread of flavour and texture throughout the dish.
Dice - pictures
Dice - podcasts
To scatter bits of butter, for example, over the surface of food.
A thick mixture of uncooked flour and liquid, usually combined with other ingredients.
To pour off water from cooked foods using a sieve or a colander.
Drain - pictures
Drain - podcasts
To sprinkle food thickly and evenly with flour or sugar.
To coat a salad with a dressing, or to pluck and truss poultry and game ready for cooking.
A light sauce, usually for a salad.
The fat obtained from roasted meat during cooking or from newly melted fat.
To pour a trickle of liquid (for example olive oil) over the top of food.
Dropping consistency:
The consistency required for some cake mixtures before cooking. When the mixture in the bowl is lifted in a spoon it should drop off within a five seconds.
Dry Fry:
Putting food in a pan and heating without the any added oil or fat. Often used for spices as it helps to release the flavour.
Dry frying - pictures
Dry frying - podcasts
To sprinkle lightly with flour, spices or sugar.

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