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This page contains a glossary of words and phrases which you may find on this website, along with their explanations.

Cake tin:
A round or square tin for baking a cake.
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Can or tin opener:
A can or tin opener is a device used for opening metal cans. Both mechanical and electrica devices are available and they some in many shapes and sizes.
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An appertiser or small starter food (one mouthful only), that consists of a base of bread, toast or pastry, with a savoury topping.
Sugaer heated until it has become a rich brown syrup.
Casserole :
Food prepared in a casserole dish, usually consisting of a number of ingredients cooked together in a liquid such a gravy or a sauce.
Casserole Dish:
A oven proof dish used for cooking stews and casseroles in the oven. This a strong dish with a lid, commonly made of glazed ceramics or pyrex. It can be used in the oven or on the oventop.
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To cool food without freezing.
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To cut food into small pieces using a knife or food processor.
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Chopping Board:
A chopping board, or cutting board, is a kitchen utensil used as a flat surface on which to cut or slice things. Cutting boards are often made of wood or plastic. Care needs to be taken in cleaning them, as bacteria can grow in grooves produced by cutting, or in liquids left on the board. For this reason, raw meat should be cut on separate boards from cooked meat, vegetables or other foods.
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A thick American-style soup that is somewhere between a soup and a stew, often based on fish.
To clear or purify: often used to describe the process of cleaning impurities from fat or liquids so they can be used for frying delicate dishes. It is also used to describe the process whereby water is removed from butter by heating it and then, as the mixture cools, the fat is poured off from the sediment.
To cover food that is to be cooked with flour, eggs, batter or breadcrumbs, or to cover food with a thin layer of sauce.
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A colander is a type of sieve used for separating liquids and solids. It is usually made of a light metal or plastic. A colander is pierced with a pattern of small holes for the liquid to drain through, but allowing the solids to remain inside the sieve itself.
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Fruit stewed in a sugar syrup. This can servered hot or cold.
A seasoning or relish available to add to food during a meal.
A whole fruit jam.
Controlled Melt:
A method for turning out foods such as jelly. It simply means placing the mould, in which is the jelly or dessert, for a very short while in warm water so that the very outer layer of the jelly melts slightly, allowing it to be easily turned out from the mould.
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Cooling Rack or Tray:
A wire tray on which cakes and pastries can be put whilst they cool.
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To remove the centre of an apple, usually before chopping or cooking
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Court boullon:
A seasoned liquid for poaching fish.
Cream (food):
The fat portion of milk, Single cream has 18% fat, whipping cream 38% fat and double cream 48% fat.
Cream (Process):
To beat butter and sugar together using a fork, wooden spoon or hand mixer until the mixture is smooth and pale.
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Cropping consistency:
A cake mixture of a consistency that drops of the spoon.
A fried mixture of chopped or minced food shaped into a roll or cone and coated with egg and breadcrumbs
The solid part of soured milk or a creamy preserve made from fruit, sugar eggs and butter (for example lemon curd).
To cause a sauce or milk to separate into curds and whey using acids or high heat.
To preserve meat, fish, poultry or game by salting, drying or smoking.

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