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Favourite school dinners

Here you find people's favourite school dinners.

You can add your own if you like!

Chicken curry and rice/ Apple crumble
Added by: Halimat
It's very tasty and they also offer a vegetarian option which is just as nice. The rice is soft and they sell it for a price of 1.70. I also like getting a warm and crumbly apple crumble with it.
Chicken curry with rice.......
Added by: johanna
I like lots and lots of food but i love chicken curry,
well the one they serve at my school is one of the best..... yummy...
Added by: Kieran
Chicken Korma Curry
Added by: Estelle
I like indian food and at school they make it really good with all the different sides I really like their curry.
Chicken Tika panini
Added by: Molly
I have never tried it before and because it's a hot meal so it's good for in the winter!
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