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Favourite school dinners

Here you find people's favourite school dinners.

You can add your own if you like!

cheesy pasta
Added by: phoebe
it is so tasty.
chicken burgers with iced cake with steamy hot custard with a carton of orange juice
Added by: susie
it is nice because it is nice and hot and the chicken burgers with salad and maynayse is gorgoes!!
Chicken Curry
Added by: Estelle Machin
I like different cultured food and when I know it is on the menu I am definitely having school dinner. I think the taste is unique and special. I think it tastes really good.
Chicken Curry
Added by: Chloe
Chicken curry is now my favourite food in the whole world after i tried it i love it so much i always ask my mum to make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chicken curry and rice/ Apple crumble
Added by: Halimat
It's very tasty and they also offer a vegetarian option which is just as nice. The rice is soft and they sell it for a price of 1.70. I also like getting a warm and crumbly apple crumble with it.
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