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Pies/Pastries - (Savoury) - Buffet, Canapes & Finger Foods

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Pastry:  Small savoury pastries are often made with puff or choux pastry that contains savoury rather than sweet fillings. They come in a variety of shapes, some completely contained, like a samosa, others with pastry wrapped around, as in a sausage roll, and yet others are more of a tartlet. They make good finger food because the pastry enables them to be picked up and eaten without getting the fingers messed up (in theory). 

Processing/Cooking:  How they are made depends entirely on the type of pastry and the other ingredients. Savoury choux buns will be made very similarly to sweet ones - just the filling will be different. Sometimes shortcrust or puff pastry will have cheese, spices or other flavourings added to it, before it is filled or maybe used as savoury 'straws' or sticks. 
Many kinds of savoury pastries can be bought, ready made, in bakeries and supermarkets - especially useful if you are having a party, as it can be quite time consuming to make a wide variety of such dishes.

Uses:  Savoury pastries are commonly used as canapés (small finger foods that provide an appetiser at the start of a meal) or as party and picnic foods. Sometimes they can form part of a main meal e.g. samosas or quiche.

Health Value:  As with most pastry dishes, these should be eaten occasionally, rather than regularly, for the sake of both heart and weight! 


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