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Biscuits - Flavoured, Coated or Filled Biscuits

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Biscuit:  These are based on common biscuit mixtures to which a flavouring, filling or coating, or a combination of these, is added to give the biscuit flavour and interest. Whilst many fillings and flavourings can be added, some have become very distinctive and well known as brands in their own right.

Processing/Cooking:  These biscuits are baked in the same way as traditional biscuits. The actual mixture varies depending on the flavour or brand. Perhaps the most popular flavouring, coating and filling for biscuits is chocolate but other flavours are also used including almond, vanilla, lemon, orange, coffee and coconut.

:  As a snack food.

Health Value:  Although the fat and sugar content varies depending on the flavourings, fillings or coatings, like most biscuits they should only be consumed occasionally, but are great as a treat as part of a balanced diet.


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