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Description:  The small, very sweet fruit of the date palm. It is an oblong brown berry, in which the flesh surrounds a hard seed.

Cultivation:  Native to the Middle East, North Africa, Canary Islands, India and Pakistan, it is now grown on a large commercial scale in California and other southern states of the USA.

Seasonality: From September through to December.

Uses:  Dates have traditionally been used as an important food in desert regions, useful as the source of syrup, alcohol and vinegar. They are eaten raw, by themselves, or stuffed with fillings such as almonds, walnuts and cheese. They can also be chopped and cooked in a number of savoury and sweet dishes. In southern and western Asia and northern Africa, dates are fermented and used to make alcoholic drinks.

Health Value:  Dates are known to have a wide range of health benefits. They are extremely nutritious. They contain minerals such as copper, sulphur, iron, potassium, magnesium and fluoric acid, and are high in dietary fibre. In traditional medicine, dates are used to treat a variety of ailments such as indigestion, colds, sore throats and so on.

Types and Varieties:  There are hundreds of varieties of date.

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